the tragic popcorn fire


The Shark told me a few times that Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory was really funny, so I finally remembered to Tivo it and he wasn't lying. I know I am not the demographic for this show, but some of the episodes have made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Shark Attack episode, I'm looking at you. Friends, if you like to laugh you should give this show a shot, especially since you can watch it on the internets.

Oh but another show we are totally in love with is Big Bang Theory--it's like our current favorite right now. It's not funny in the same way as Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, but it's great and I sort of love Jim Parsons now. I think he's probably an acting genius.

Francisco has been organizing the garage and getting it set up as a little gym. This week he ordered a thick mat (for pilates and floor exercises) which should arrive on Friday and I'm excited to do that stupid 30 Day Shred that I've had for months but only tried to do once. I stopped at the part where I needed to lay on the floor for some stuff--the floor was way too hard for that and a yoga mat doesn't cut it. I officially quit Jazzercise this week (schedule was not working out for me) and am looking forward to all the different kinds of exercises I can do at home. I'm going to break out my step aerobics tapes, even. Whee!




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