This morning when I arrived at work I found a birthday card from Cookie on my desk, and too late I had the flash of an idea which could have been really funny if I'd thought of it a couple days ago. I could have gotten a birthday card for myself--preferably one of those funny mean ones--and put it into a file folder with a post-it that said, "sign for Eva's birthday and pass on", to leave on someone's desk when they're out of their office. This is the way we (and most likely every office in the whole world) pass our cards around to be signed. Anyway, people would be wondering who bought the card, but they'd be signing and passing it on, and after everyone signed they'd be trying to figure out who started it, so it could go back to that person. No one would ask me, since it's a surreptitious card for me, so there would be massive confusion but they'd eventually shrug and give it to me and then I could say I started it for myself and OH LORDY WHAT A JOKE THAT WOULD'VE BEEN. I think I'll try it next year and see what happens--help me remember, Internet.

This morning when I was getting ready for work I decided to put film in the Nickelodeon Photoblaster and document my entire day in photos--so far, so good. I'm not sure I'll be able to take 96 photos today, but probably I'm up to 50 at this point, so I'll keep going and hope to finish the roll. This morning my friend, Christina, gave me a basket with a mini evergreen tree, an ivy plant, and a miniature rose. How sweet! I'm calling it the Birthday Shrubbery. My boss bought a cake for me this afternoon, and the cake itself was pretty good (white cake, raspberry filling) but the frosting was Much Too Much. I don't have near as high a sugar tolerance as I used to. Going....into.....coma....

Oh look, I've revived. I don't really have anything else to say, though, except that today I'm feeling a great depth of gratitude and love for alla youse Internet people and I wish I could fully put it into words. I have "met" and also met so many great people through this magnificent series of tubes, and I'm just so grateful to the Universe and whoever else can rightfully take credit that I met y'all. I want to write a list of people who I love on the internets except I'm afraid that in my sugar haze I would forget somebody obvious and end up hurting a person's feelings when all I want to do it pass out hugs and kisses and pieces of cake. So if you're reading this, please consider yourself thanked, loved, hugged, and fed.




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