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I called in sick to work yesterday ("migraine") and I'm so glad I did, because having that day to get some things accomplished and also do some quiet relaxing was really nice. Francisco was home, but asleep, and I crept around like a burglar to avoid waking him. Mission Accomplished. I did some knitting yesterday, and scanned some pictures, and read and watched some BBC America shows. One show I watched was one I'd never seen before but I really enjoyed it--You Are What You Eat. Thanks to that show I made quinoa for breakfast today and Sharky said he gives it two thumbs up. I'd already been concerned about the recent unhealthiness of my diet (now that it's wintery weather, all I want to eat are things made of flour and sugar. also cheese.), but watching that show strengthened my resolve to shoehorn more produce and whole grains into our diet. Last night we had mushroom omelettes and I roasted some carrots to have on the side, as well as making a big salad with baby greens, baby spinach, sunflower seeds, chopped apple, and dried cranberries. It was so delicious I can't even tell you. Anyway, I'm inspired to eat much more healthily, so I'm going to experiment with foods. I'll let you know how it goes.

Our night out with Twyla and Sonny on Friday night was super fun, but we paid for it on Saturday--soooo hungover. What was weird, though, is that I had only 4 drinks in a 4 hour period, which isn't what I'd call super excessive, but I guess it was the combination that didn't sit well. That'll teach me to combine scotch (in a perfect rob roy) with vodka (cosmo) and with beer. I think I'll lay off any scotch cocktails from now on and only drink scotch when I want it plain, and in small quantities. MAN I felt like death Saturday morning, but by late afternoon I felt about 90% human, which was considerable progress. On Sunday we went for a long walk (despite the heavy-ish snowfall) and did some chores and grocery shopping, then Francisco napped a few hours so he could go to work that night and I watched Farewell My Concubine. My review: Weird and sad and he should never have picked that baby up off the street.

I finished my exchange ornaments except I need to procure something (skinny ribbon, etc) to attach for hanging them on. I really like the way the ornaments turned out and am going to try and get them in the mail this week, though it might be Friday, which would technically be after the AT deadline. I think probably no one will disown me for that. Still need to make my items for the 10 Cakes Flickr exchange/AT exchange crossover members, but that's only 2 people and I already know what I'll make and will do that this weekend. I also need to make some mittens this week for a Flickr friend--I was going to start the first one today during my lunch hour but I brought the wrong size needles with me. Grrr.

We've changed our minds about going to Poulsbo for Thanksgiving (sorry Twyla! don't tell your mom--Francisco will call her tonight to let her know), because Francisco now has to work on Saturday night, and he also has to put in some reserve deputy time on Friday. I won't pretend to be sad about not going to Poulsbo, because I wasn't looking forward to driving over there in what will surely be inclement weather, and am drawing up a grocery list for the dinner I'll make on Thursday while Francisco sleeps. I'm not going to bother with a turkey, but will instead roast a chicken and make mashed sweet potatoes and salad and rolls (whole wheat). I know Shark would prefer regular potatoes, but it's time he overcame his sweet potato phobia, and anyway I will also make pecan pie, so he'll have something to look forward to.

My friend, Christina, went to a psychic/medium this weekend, and based upon her experience I want to go too. Problem is the lady's in British Columbia, so it would be a long day trip, but at least her rates are reasonable ($80 for an hour long session). Francisco would roll his eyes mightily at the very idea of seeing this woman, so maybe I could find someone else who wanted to see her, or I could just go alone. I'm not planning on doing it anytime soon, by the way; I'm just considering it for the future.

This morning when I was in the work bathroom, I had an idea for what I can do with the stack of little fabric hexagons I cut out years and years ago, intending to add to them until I had enough for a quilt. That didn't end up happening, so I still have maybe a 3 inch stack of them. When I finish implementing my idea, I'll take pictures of the finished product to show to you. I really like the idea of making stuff only with what I already have (did that for my exchange ornaments, in fact), especially because I have way too much stuff I've been saving, and didn't get rid of nearly enough of it when we moved from NC. Why am I telling you all this? I don't know.

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