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I need to get my hair cut pretty soon (as in, two weeks ago), which means I need to select a small coat/other garment to hang on the little hooks at the salon. I'm sure I could find a worthy garment among those belonging to Boy's action figures, but before I do that I thought it might be fun to solicite something from the interweb. Does anyone have a small garment they would like me to hang on a little hook at the salon and photograph? This would involve you mailing the garment to me and me mailing it back, but I'm game if you are. I would even include a small prize with the garment when I mail it back, so let me know (guestbook or email) if you're interested. If no one expresses interest in this scheme before tomorrow afternoon, I'll go ahead and make an appointment anyway, because we could always try this little garment experiment the next time around.

You've probably heard already, but the big cat in the Simi Valley was not a liger; it was a tiger. This makes me sad, but on the other hand, the tiger was shot and killed, so I guess it's good it wasn't a liger? When Francisco told me it was a tiger and was shot, I demanded to know why they didn't tranquilize it. He looked at me disbelievingly and said, "With WHAT? It weighed 600 pounds!" Do I look like a veterinarian? I don't know with what they would've tranquilized it, but aren't elephants sometimes tranquilized? They weigh, what? A million pounds? Not sure, but there's got to be something that would work on a tiger. This is my response to him, by the way, because I didn't have time to argue the point when he told me. In your face, Francisco!

This morning I taped a note to my phone that reads 'Remember JOYCE'. This is designed to remind me to include my fictional secretary, Joyce, in my phone conversations, as in "I'll have Joyce send you a copy of that", or "Joyce gave me your message, and....". I really don't see why I shouldn't say I have a secretary named Joyce, even though I don't. Can you think of any reason? It's not like anyone will be wanting to speak to her, and I asked the ladies who answer the phones to please say Joyce is on a break and transfer the calls to me, if anyone Does call for her (not likely). The ladies have zero problem with this, so I included Joyce in an email to a parent today ("please direct your fax to my attention or to the attention of my secretary, Joyce"), and let me tell you, it was Fun. Joyce'll come in extra handy when people are angry, too, because I can blame stuff on her ("I'm so sorry; Joyce had misplaced your letter, and she feels Terrible--she asked me to apologize to you profusely"). Score!

I woke up at 5:00 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, which sucked because it wasn't even a gym day for us. I thought I might be able to sleep again, but within 2 minutes my brain was going full-steam, so I got up and made the interweb my companion until Francisco got up around 6:30. I made coffee but he couldn't have any because he had to FAST (not deserving of capital letters except every time Francisco spoke of his impending fast, he talked about it in capitals) until he went to the doctor, because he was requesting a cholesterol test. His doctor appointment was at 12:10, and afterwards we went out to Indian food, one of my two main favorites even though 2/3 of the time it gives me Intestinal Distress. I lucked out this time--no Intestinal Distress, though I thought for about half an hour it was impending. HA-ha, Universe. Crisis averted; lunch retained.

Eric's account of his recent trip to Spain has made me think about Spain, particularly Cadiz (since Eric's pictures show it to be completely freaking gorgeous), as a place to move to someday. I especially like his description of the festive party atmosphere he experienced--his penguin analogy was apt, and Funny. I recommend his blog; it is Excellent.

Have I talked about our cats lately? No? Well then, listen to this. Last night Lucy and Esther were laying on the bed with me (I was reading) and I was lucky enough to witness Lucy stretching her neck way out and biting Esther on the ass. And not Just biting, but sort of really Vehemently biting--kind of the way Lucy does when she wants to love-bite my head (daily occurrence and a couple times she has love-bitten my eyebrow) so she digs one of her fangs into my scalp really hard. When the bite occurred, Esther turned her head and fixed Lucy with a look that said, "I WILL KILL YOU". I think my laughing distracted her from her revenge plan, though, because she ended up just slowly turning her head back around and doing nothing. Maybe she's just biding her time; I would not put it past her.

Francisco is making macaroni and cheese tonight because Boy said a couple days ago that he likes it and was craving it. Boy's been working really hard lately, because he's doing track right now and they're practicing every weeknight, plus he has homework as well. He's doing a good job juggling everything, hence the fulfilling of his craving for the mac and cheese, and also Francisco got Boy an iPod today, which he's been agitating for for two years. We're not going to let him take it to school, and we're going to make him share it with us a little (to use in the car, etc), but he's going to be so, so thrilled. I'm looking forward to giving it to him!

I'm feeling a lot less depressed today, and I hope the less depressed feeling trend continues.

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