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Four quick things for today, because I'm running late and still have work to do:

1) No one has a little garment to mail me, and that's totally okay, because I had figured it might be one of those ideas that doesn't come to fruition. I forgot to make a hair appointment today, so if anyone has a change of heart over the weekend and wants me to photograph a tiny coat or other garment on the key hooks at my hair salon, you have until Monday to let me know.

2) We watched Lost last night, and if you watched it, wasn't it funny how Hurley was on the television the little girl was watching in the background while Jin was delivering a threat to her dad from Jin's father-in-law? I cannot WAIT to see how that factors in to things, and I suspect next Wednesday is finally Hurley's week for backstory. That is a good thing, because he's my favorite and I've been waiting and waiting for them to get around to him.

3) Francisco bought the Dreamweaver software yesterday, so this weekend I will be messing around with website stuff (probably getting very frustrated at times) and might possibly have Something to show for it by Monday morning.

4) I've been having email correspondences with a guy named Jeff from a different office, because my boss needs to provide Jeff's office with some letters they need, and today I found the opportunity to mention Joyce to him. I mentioned her in the context of an imaginary secretary, instead of pretending I had a real secretary (he would've known I was lying anyway) and Jeff said HE has an imaginary secretary named Erica! I am so pleased.

Have a great weekend!
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