March comes in like a lion and goes out like a polar bear


Hi, it's snowing. I realize we're not the only ones getting snowed on today, which means we're also not the only ones griping and finding it ridiculous. All credit to global climate change, I guess. And wow, good thing we had the snow tires taken off the car the other day! I'm a tiny bit worried about that, actually, since Francisco has to drive to work tonight and it's supposed to still be snowing. Yeesh.

I had to go to jury duty this morning and I was even one of the ones questioned as possible jury members (another DUI trial--this county arrests an awful lot of drunks), but I was not retained. When the defendant's attorney was questioning me about my close association with a law enforcement official, he said something about "your family's law enforcement lifestyle" and I had to struggle mightily not to laugh, because....what? On the plus side, it made me feel all badass, like Dog the Bounty Hunter's chesty wife. Anyway, I told them I could judge the evidence impartially, even despite our lifestyle, but I guess they didn't believe me. Possibly they have video evidence of me yelling "Tase him! TASE HIM!" while watching COPS or Disorderly Conduct.

Three Things I Saw At the Courthouse That Made Me Happy

1) Not crazy Crazy Kevin--he hangs out there. I said hi and waved at him and he waved back.

2) A truly amazing mullet--probably the best I've ever seen. Even better, it was being sported by a woman. I thought about trying to take a picture with my phone, but I was pretty sure she would be offended, so I refrained.

3) A law enforcement uniform jumpsuit. Dark blue and with all the usual patches and badges and etc, but a jumpsuit. I absolutely love jumpsuits, so I was delighted. I hope Francisco can wear one of those bad boys when he joins Police.

Tonight I will go home and make some brown rice and open some cans and cut up some things so that we can have brown rice, black beans, and various other things (tomatoes, olives, avocado, green onion, chopped peppers) with the delicious chickpea sauce (blended) that Francisco made this morning after getting home from work. This is one of our favorite dinners--it's our version of the food the Cafe Yumms in Eugene make. It is super delicious and mostly healthy (there's oil in the sauce), and I'm happy we're going to be eating it.

My favorite wild kitten (who I will see on my way home) is getting tamer by the day. Yesterday when I was petting him I kind of scritched around his neck, and he arched his head into the scritching. I love that kitten and if I can work out the logistics, he's going to come live at my house. He might have to live outside, but living outside at our house and being fed might be better than living where he lives now and not being fed--I'm anticipating that house to be rented any day now, and when it's rented I'll probably have to stop feeding the cats there. There's a chance that Ernie next door (who is not dead like I thought he might be over a year ago, when he had to go to the hospital) might let me feed them in his yard, because I know he's fed the mom cat before, but I don't know.

I guess that's all I have to tell you. This weekend I was planning to clean the sun porch (it got muddy and groce during the patio construction and etc last week), but if it keeps snowing I'm not sure I'll be able to do it--I'd need to put the stuff that's in there outside while I cleaned. So I guess I'll just do normal chore stuff and maybe finally upload the recent pictures off the camera and also watch the two Chris Farley movies Tommy the Rookie lent me today. I lent him the first Firefly disk, because I just know he'll like the show. If he doesn't, I'll probably have to stop speaking to him, and that would be sad because he's the funniest coworker I have.




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