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For lunch today I brought a slice of vegetarian pizza, left over from last night's dinner, and it was pretty good, but then I opened the baggie of raw broccoli I'd brought to have as a snack but didn't get to and WHAT WAS I THINKING? I ate maybe half of it, but all the while I was saying things like "I can't believe I thought this would be a good snack" and "Worst. Snack. Ever." and "GAHHH! Horrible!". Tommy the Rookie said I should cover it in ranch dressing and try it after that, but I don't like ranch dressing so what I should have done is cover it in chocolate cake and then only eat the cake part. Note to self: At least steam it a little, fool! Lesson learned.

Okay, so do any of you happen to remember Bill the electrician who fell in love with me for like ten minutes back in the fall of 2006? It turns out he lives two houses down from us--he had a big conversation with Francisco last night when they were both outside (I saw them from the window but did not go out). I would say small world, but really it's just small town, and for the record, I still love this small town. I might not have said that in a week or two and want to be sure you know nothing has changed re: my love for this town. Anyway, I'll talk to Bill if I see him but I'll try not to be at all charming, so as to avoid a renewal of those brief feelings he may have once harbored for me during the changing of my light ballasts. Ballasts? Let's just continue to say that's correct.

Last night we watched Blades of Glory (via HBO) and I know that officially that movie is Not Good, but it made me laugh anyway, I couldn't help it. Will Ferrell, man. He FUNNY.

Poor Francisco tried very hard to finish the patio today (the snow flurries didn't help WEATHER) but he ran out of stones. He says he's only maybe 10 stones short, so hopefully it won't be too hard to get those stones and finish up. It won't happen this week, though; poor guy has to go back to work tomorrow night.

No more time for writing.




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