How ya gonna keep em down on the farm


Here's a geeky confession: When I was a kid and learned how to do sentence diagramming, I loved it so much I would diagram sentences just for the fun of it. I'd hover around my mom while she made dinner and ask her to give me sentences to diagram, which Had to be annoying. WOW I loved the diagramming. I loved it so much I think I need to start doing it again, because why not? Especially now that I have access to so many good sentences. [I don't know what that means either]

Last night I did a little knitting while listening to NPR (I was very tired last night but had to stay up for half an hour after taking my antibiotic because the label states I need to avoid laying down for 30 minutes after taking it. Huh?), and they played a snippet of a song I think I'd heard before but didn't pay attention to the first time. It's 'How ya gonna keep em down on the farm (now that they've seen Paree)?'--an old song, from the 30s or something. Anyway, god bless the internet all over again, because this morning I found the song for downloading, and the reason I want it is because I like old songs a lot. I'm sure that's Another geeky thing, so it's big confession day, but whatever. I've started hoarding old songs, and I plan to continue.

Okay, war has been declared at my office, but in a good way. Our boy coworker is apparently giddy at the idea that he's quitting in two months, so he's been playing little pranks on a few of us. I had put up a picture of a beautiful man in the bathroom at work, and he wrote a little talk bubble on it that said, "Hi, Eva", which irritated me because, hello, don't deface the beautiful man! THEN he made a point of mentioning the picture at the party yesterday and succeeded in embarrassing me, so I was already thinking about revenge. Then this morning I found he'd posted a picture of Lyle Lovett in the bathroom with "I thought Eva had a thing for me but I guess I was wrong" on it, which is pretty lame but it still counts as a shot fired across my bow. Yesterday he shoved a bunch of paper through another coworker's sunroof, so she and I will be teaming up shortly to prank him good, but in the meantime I printed a picture of Ellen DeGeneres (who I like, by the way--she did funny standup) for the bathroom with "Dating Aaron [boy coworker's name] turned me GAY!" on it. Not overly clever, but maybe he'll be lulled into a false sense of security and will be off his guard when the real pranks come down. I think it's going to be a lively two months.

Our Esther does something that Almost demonstrates intelligence, and I think it's very funny. Sometimes during the night or early morning, she will rise from her place at the foot of the bed and sneak up to the head. And this sneaking is completely different from how cats stalk things. I've seen her do it and t's like a four footed version of tiptoeing. She moves very, very slowly and stealthily, pausing at times to see if she's going to get caught. It's pretty adorable, actually. What I don't understand about it is why she only does this sometimes, because I don't think Francisco or I have indicated that we ever Like being woken up by her. She should be sneaking Every time she travels to the head of the bed.

Out of time for writing.



PS Oh, wait! Today I listened to some of One Ring Zero's songs and liked them. Go listen; they have a very cool and interesting sound. |


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