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Okay, so I haven't been updating because I've been too busy with the worky worky. So far we've constructed three 12 by 4 foot raised beds and have been digging out the patio area. The soil is Gorgeous, and this is a great thing because we're filling the raised beds with it. We've also excavated some interesting items, including loads of old bricks, a hip bone, some old asphault (tar mixed with gravel), an old bottle neck, AND we hacked into an old pipe. That was the most puzzling thing--we thought it was yet another rock in our way so Francisco kept wacking at it with this iron bar we're using to help with the hole digging, and all of a sudden we could see water. I was scared it was a city pipe of some kind, but Francisco reminded me that those pipes are pressurized, and this one is not. I came in and flushed the toilet while he watched the pipe, and there was no water movement. So, though I'm still worried about what that pipe might be, we're theorizing it must be part of an old and no longer used water or sewer system. It's only 1 foot down, which seems a little shallow, and I hope this lends credence to the old, non-used pipe theory but I don't know. *fingers crossed that nothing bad happens*

Yesterday we went to Yakima and did several errands, including a trip to a restaurant supply store for a bigger pot for beer-making, and a trip to Costco. The trip took pretty much all day and we didn't get anything else done. Today we're back on the digging and raised bed construction, and we're trying to hurry with the digging especially, since the patio stones and gravel and etc. will be delivered tomorrow.

I need to get back to it.




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