Fronsh bread, Fronsch dressing, Fronsch fries...


During our Week of Vacation We Accomplished:

1) The construction of four 4x16 foot raised beds and four 4x4 foot raised beds
2) Digging out the area the patio stones are going in
3) Getting gravel into part of that area, for leveling purposes (Francisco has fully graveled it and is working on laying the stones, even at this very moment)
4) Did some errands in Yakima
5) Made a list of the vegetables and herbs we will grow
6) Bottled the batch of beer--it yielded 52 bottles. Yay!

Fun Things We Did During our Vacation Week:

1) With Twyla (it was all her idea), saw Star Anna play at the American Legion Hall, which we'd never been to, but it was a decent place and excellent for watching happy drunks dancing and clapping. The music was good, but at some point watching the drunks became the primary entertainment for me. There were just so many of them, and they were doing such funny things.
2) Got together with Twyla, Sonny, and the girls on a couplethree occasions, including Easter, when they had us over for food and Wii playing. We have GOT to get Dance Dance Revolution at our house; it was really fun.
3) Watched Torchwood and Heroes episodes, courtesy of Netflix.
4) Did some shopping
5) Got my hair cut, as mentioned in a previous post--I like the cut even more now than I did at first. Thanks Beauty School!

Delicious Things We Ate During our Vacation Week:

1) Hamburgers at the Tav
2) Thai food from Sugar Thai
3) Mongolian barbecue (Yakima)
4) Eel bowls at the good Japanese place
5) Other

Vacation Week Things That Were Not Fun or Accomplishments or Food:

1) Had to go to jury duty last Thursday. I won't bore you with the story (I bored Utterz with it already and that's enough), but it was a vexing experience. I may have to go again this Friday, but that would be the last time, and I already know there's no way anyone will put me on a jury. I am not unquestioning enough, and am apparently a little too French.

No more time for writing.




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