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The Fox Soccer Channel hasn't showed even one Liverpool match since the new season started, and I'm on the verge of writing them a very nasty letter. We've been seeing Liverpool highlights on Fox Sports World, but it's not nearly the same. Liverpool lost to Everton [ssssss!] this weekend, and I sort of don't mind not seeing that game, because it would be quite painful, but we did get detailed highlights from it, and that is the point of this entire paragraph. Sometime during the second half (I believe), Momo Sissoko* booted the ball and it flew about 15 feet
before striking Fabio Aurelio** right in the face. He went down like a sack of wet manure, and I felt bad for him and Sissoko both, since Sissoko did not intend to kick the ball into his face and clearly felt bad about it. Aurelio wasn't injured and play resumed. About 15 or 20 minutes later, Sami Hyypia*** booted the ball, and it flew about 15 feet before striking Fabio Aurelio in the face, and this time I could not stop giggling. I'm still giggling, actually, every time I think about it, and what is it about an unfortunate incident that makes it funny when repeated? I mean, officially I feel sorry for Aurelio, but unofficially it's a damn good thing I'm not a sports commentator, because I wouldn't have been able to talk for laughing. If Aurelio takes a ball to the face in Liverpool's upcoming match with PSV Eindhoven (which we ARE getting, thank dog), I may have to be hospitalized with hysteria.

All the vacationing people are back at work now, so I only had to do an hour on The Desk today, but that was enough to get me phone messages that kept me busy until almost 4 again. Any messages the student workers take for a counselor go to the counselor on the desk at that time, and there were only maybe 7, but they were difficult ones. Meh, whatever--I'm learning, and the students here are, overall, much nicer than the students at my last job. Even when I have to deliver bad news to them, they're sort of nice. They might cry, but they at least don't yell at me. What a revelation. Oh, but PS the under-desk-napper is back and seems pretty normal. He's super nice, but he's not the weirdo I was hoping for. Fortunately the woman who returned last week is seeming less normal all the time; she could be The One.

The weekend was good, and I got some stuff done, but it wasn't as much stuff as I wanted to get done: it seems like that's always the way. We went to Sharky's soccer game on Saturday, and Francisco was roped into being a line ref, and he got sunburned, but I merely got bitten by insects. WINNER. Sharky's team tied with the team they were playing, and I don't have a lot to report about the game except my hat blew onto the field during and some coach had to run on and get it for me, because I was in sandals and they aren't good for running. Embarrassment.

Today after work I took two rolls of film to Photo Haus for processing. One is slide film I'm having cross-processed, and the other is just a regular roll I shot in the Smena. Jessica was there and she got all giddy at the thought of cross-processing the film; she's done it before but they don't get the request too often. She also said she thought about calling me earlier today (to tell me she saw a roll of expired film at the Goodwill) but said she thought it would be creepy. That made me laugh, and anyway, considering I'm like the queen of the unintentionally creepy gesture, she didn't have anything to worry about. Jessica is awesome; maybe we can be friends. It seems unlikely, since I doubt she's older than about 22, and most 22 year olds would not want to hang around with someone who's pushing 40. But you never know.

And now I have dishes to wash. Francisco made curried tuna tonight, and I know it Sounds scary, but it was really pretty good.


*Liverpool midfielder.

**Liverpool player, and I don't actually know what position he plays, because he's new, and did I mention we haven't gotten any of their
matches yet?

***Liverpool central defender and my super secret soccer boyfriend.



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