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This morning we didn't go to the gym--last night we stayed up watching the Liverpool/PSV Eindhoven match (a 0-0 tie), so we slept in until 6:00. When the alarm went off (always so loud and frightening), Francisco said, "You know, I slept pretty well, yet I feel like I was dragged behind a horse all night". He and I are so in synch. He was able to put into words exactly how I was feeling; we are soul mates. It's been a tough day, due to tiredness, and added to the tiredness is extra hungryness, which incidentally Francisco said he's been having too. I ate my sandwich today at 11:30 (usually have lunch at 1:00, after my shift on The Desk ends), and ended up walking to the grocery store at my actual lunch hour. I'd never been to that particular store, and it Sucks--it and I are in a fight. Not only did they not have a decent yogurt selection, they didn't carry even one brand of coffee flavor yogurt (my favorite). They also didn't have any kind of energy bar, and I noticed their Polaroid 600 film is $2 more than everywhere else in town. I ended up buying a diet coke with lime, and a box of garden herb triscuits (v. delicious). Next time I feel the need for a grocery store during my lunch hour, I'll walk the 3 extra blocks to Safeway.

This has been a hard week at work and it's only going to get harder, plus next week is going to suck quite a lot. At least I'm starting to feel pretty comfortable with everyone; that makes it a tiny bit easier. I've been pretty tired at night after work, and have been getting really frustrated with myself for not accomplishing a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, but last night I realized that was stupid. I mean, so I didn't get around to wet blocking that sweater I finally finished knitting--big damn deal. Nobody cares but me. Nobody is watching me not do things, and nobody is taking notes on my progress ["Subject washed the dishes, painted her toenails, and put one of her forms in an envelope to be mailed, but she neglected to wet block her sweater or weave in the ends on that ridiculous washcloth she knit. C- "]. I don't know why I keep getting so worked up about not doing stuff, but I'm going to try and relax, for chrissake.

Tonight after work I went back by Photo Haus, because yesterday Jessica had to deliver the sad news that their new print machine won't take slide film. The old one did, but it's been sold to somebody in Russia--it's sitting by the door in the shop, waiting to be picked up and shipped. She had to send the film to the Yakima Photo Haus to get the prints made, and they were ready to be picked up today. I got the Smena roll yesterday, and what a snooze. There are a few good pictures on it, but mostly the pics are of the recent Ellensburg parade (during Labor Day weekend), and I'm not sure why I didn't realize they'd be boring when I was taking them, but they are. I'll see what a little cropping can do. The good thing about the Smena roll is I finally gave up on figuring out the f-stop ratio nonsense and just used the Sunny 16 rule, and the photos were all correctly exposed. MUCH better than past rolls. I'm fairly happy with the way the cross processed roll turned out. I haven't scanned or posted the pics to Flickr yet, but when I do I'll post my favorites here so you can see the results (I know. You're welcome.). The colors didn't turn out exTREMEly weird or anything, but they're super vibrant and a little odd; me likey. Tonight makes 3 evenings in a row that I've gone to Photo Haus on my way home, and Jessica and I have had interesting conversations each time. I'm sad I don't have any more film to drop off or pick up this week. I thought about hurrying up and shooting another roll to drop off tomorrow and pick up Friday, but I'm just too tired. There was a little ad stuck in with my pictures today for a camera (cheapy) plus 3 rolls of film for $9.95, so I could always go back tomorrow and buy it, just to be the smartass that shows up 4 days in a row. Or maybe that would be more creepy than smartassy. Hmm.




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