fortunately, not Actually volcanic


Listen, I told this to the 10 Cakes folks this morning, and some pretended to be impressed [while others politely looked the other way], but I feel the need to brag to the whole Internet in general about my accomplishment: This morning I took an enormous poop. Like, Huge. It was not 8 pounds, 1 ounce [KARYL], but it was Large. It was a mound which rose majestically at least 3 inches out of the water, like a tiny volcanic island, and I was not at all sure it would flush without benefit of plunger. Fortunately at the last minute (when the flush was almost done), it bade me farewell and slid slowly out of view. Goodbye, old friend. I can't say I'll miss you, but I will definitely think about you from time to time.

I slept poorly last night (woke up at 3-ish and laid awake, as is sometimes my way), and Several times while tossing and turning I thought, "at least tomorrow is Saturday, so I can sleep in". Then of course I would remember that it was Not Saturday, and every time the realization was like a knife in my heart. Even despite the bad night, I feel buoyantly optimistic, due no doubt to my 9 day weekend which starts tomorrow. I'm SO happy to have the time off, and I'm pleased to be getting my hair cut early tomorrow morning, to sort of kick-start the vacation. Hopefully the haircut will not go horribly wrong, forcing me to spend my vacation in hats; I'm going to keep a good thought.

So okay, I guess that's it for now. Have a great night and weekend!




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