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Quote of the Day, from Catie, via 10 Cakes: [answering the question of could you be a whore for $5000 per session] "I don't think I would because I tend to think of my vagina as being made from gold (it's a GIFT) and also I am not a very good sport when it comes to tiny and weird penises." Oh man. Tiny and weird penises.

This morning when getting ready for work, I up and decided that I'm going to get my hair cut by a semi-professional (@ the beauty school). The decision was made in part by the fact that Francisco hasn't been available to cut my hair (and it Really needs it), because he's been on graveyard shift, but also in part because I'd like a new style. Specifically I'd like a short but not SHORTshort style that utilizes the almost-curl in my hair, so I need to look for photos of potential styles. Tiny and weird penis Catie is going to help me with that, because she knows hair, but if anyone has a suggestion for a style, please make it. As Jen says, it takes a village to raise me. My hair appointment is at 9:30 on Saturday morning, so make it snappy, people.

Speaking of Francisco (as I briefly was, in the above paragraph, before returning to me me me), this morning I forwarded him something about a scam related to automatic deposits. I said in my email that I knew he wasn't going to fall for something like that but that I was forwarding it so he was aware of it. He wrote back and said, "Okay, so I clicked the link and entered all our financial data; now what, just wait for a reply?". Internet, why he gotta be like that? My name is Eva and I married a smartass.

Internet, did I tell you I'm taking next week off work? I can't remember if I mentioned that or not. Francisco is also off work and we will be building a few things. Specifically we're putting in a stone patio (I will take before and after pics, just for you) and some raised beds for vegetables. Time willing we may also be able to paint the sunporch and build the contraption that defies description where we intend to plant our herbs. It'll be like a shelf, attached to the outside of the sunporch, and with holes in it big enough for terra cotta pots to sit in without falling through. So I guess it did not entirely defy description, but I'll take pictures of that for you as well, so you can see how it turns out. You're welcome. Next week's activities will be a huge amount of work, and truth be told when I think about my week of vacation I do not always look forward to it, but I'm excited for the finished products and that has to be enough for now. Francisco ordered the patio stones and they will be delivered a week from today, so we have the days before that to prepare the patio area and do the raised beds and other potential projects.

I've been trying and trying to think of something else to tell you, but I'm stumped. I think I'll just stop here.




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