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Well, it is as I suspected: Esther's thyroid has gone hyper. The vet talked to Francisco yesterday afternoon to tell him the news and present him with treatment options. One of them is to zap her thyroid with radioactivity, but we're not going to do that. Come on, she's 16. So she needs medication and we can do pills, liquid, or the ear gel. I think we've decided on pills--she's a champ at taking pills. Francisco will get the meds today and we'll get this thing started. I hope she'll get nice and plump again. She's not underweight now, but she's smaller than she's ever been as an adult cat--only 9 pounds something. I want my little butterball back.

I forgot to tell you, The Shark got a job in the week after he got back to Eugene, but he has already ditched that job and gotten another one. Francisco and I are not exactly shocked the first job didn't work out--he was working for some shady home delivery meat service. His new job is still delivering things, but it's delivering electronic parts to places. I don't know much about it, can you tell?

Garden Talk: We planted two watermelon plants this year. We'd never tried to grow melons before, so we didn't know what to expect, and we definitely didn't expect them to spill out of the bed and overtake several feet of ground around them. There are several tiny melons on there and one that is now a little bigger than cantaloupe sized. I'm so excited to eat watermelons we grew! We ate beets for the first time this summer the other night, and Francisco harvested probably 40 heads of garlic that are right now in the garage, resting. We've been eating green beans and snap peas and lettuces and green onions and cherry tomatoes (ones that are yellow when ripe). The big tomatoes still have a lot of ripening to do before they're ready. Our two lemon cucumber plants have a few unripe cucumbers and enough flowers to make me uneasy. Our sweet pepper plants have a load of peppers on them, but we're going to let them get riper before we pick them. Oh, and there is one intact cabbage still in the garden, and the cabbage plants that had the heads harvested are putting on small cabbagelets. We've got a lot of good foods to eat, is what I'm saying. End Garden Talk.

All this bounty is wonderful, but is also a trifle inconvenient, since Francisco goes back to the night shift this coming Sunday, which will mean 2 months of almost no meals eaten together. Just one reason I'm not looking forward to his impending shift change, another being that I will barely see him. But I'm at least grateful that he isn't on night shift all the time. He told me how in big departments, new officers might be on night shift for two or three years, until they get seniority. I would really hate that, and so would he, so we are fortunate.

Did I tell you I'm going to visit Baby Catie the weekend after next? And that Kimmy will be there also? I'm so excited!! I love those broads and we are going to have Such a good time. I will take many pictures.

Today I had the idea to make a life-sized paper mache mummy, and hot damn I think this is a great idea. However, before I take that project on I would need to figure out where to keep it after it's made, because there's no room in our house for such a thing. Maybe I could make a sarcophagus to put it in, and then find a cave to hide the sarcophagus/mummy in. I just think that would be a delightfully confusing thing for future spelunkers to discover. I will keep you posted.

That's it for me today.




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