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It's been hot here in the past week. Like, really hot. Oven hot. Not humid, though, and it cools off at night, so it's bearable. Anyway, yesterday in the hot hot heat, Francisco finished building the two new raised garden beds and then he got 5 pickup loads of a forestry byproduct called Hog Slash, to bark the backyard around the garden beds. He had intended to purchase shredded bark, but the Hog Slash was less expensive and has a name Francisco says is both violent and vaguely pornographic. How could he Not buy it? It's fluffier than regular bark, but should mash down as we walk on it, and I have to say, it looks fantastic. SO much better than the extremely patchy lawn that was there, and by lawn I mean weeds, and by patchy I mean there was more dirt than weeds. I am so pleased! Today Francisco will finish up Hog Slashing the yard and also plans to harvest our garlic, and I hope when he's done with those things he will rest up, because his days off this week have been all about working in the yard, and I think he needs some leisure time. Are you reading this, Francisco? Recline immediately!

OMG are you watching the Torchwood miniseries, on BBCA every night this week? I'm Loving it. It's been way too long since the last season of Torchwood ended and I've missed those characters. Then in a few days, the new Doctor Who special! Considering that we're filling in the gaps with Battlestar Galactica, I'm pretty sure we're cornering the market on geekiness over here. I apologize for nothing!

Last Saturday I was a powerhouse of activity--I got a whole long list of stuff done. It was also Franny's birthday so we went to her birthday party and laughed at children and had fun, and then went home and watched Battlestar [no YOU shut up]. Sunday I had intended to be a powerhouse again but was decidedly less energetic than the day before, so I accomplished what I could, and in the evening new friends came over for dinner. They are a lot of fun, but I found out the girl of the couple is only 30, and her husband is 29. We can still be friends, of course; I just hadn't realized they were That much younger than we are. It's okay, though, because I've started watching the Real World again. I can speak the lingo.

I'm taking Esther to the vet for her annual checkup on Saturday and it will be not a moment too soon. I'm pretty sure her thyroid has gone hyper on her, because she's lost some weight, and also she almost never stops talking. All night long if I move she meows (just like that*). Even a little movement gets a meow, and usually at about 4:00 she decides I've slept enough and starts talking in whole sentences and walking on me and on my pillow. Her thyroid was running on the high side of normal last year, so that's why I think it's gone fully hyper. In a way I HOPE that's it, so I can start putting the thyroid med gel in her ears once a day and nip this nocturnal conversation problem in the bud. I can't be too irritated at her during the night, though, because she does cute stuff. This morning she started up the talking/walking around 4:00 and I was getting aggravated but then she laid down with her front legs across my forearm and just purred like crazy. How can I be mad at someone who thinks I'm so wonderful? I can't, that's how.

Okay, I've got to go back to work now.

*hell yeah hey DJ bring that back



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