goals unfulfilled, but still a great trip


I'm back and I need to update here about my trip, but I just have no clue where to start talking. I did not find the Eddie Izzard lipstick and I did not hear anyone say "big girl's blouse", but all in all, it was a good trip. The 7 day tour was the best part, because I saw so much of the country and it was all ridiculously beautiful, and we got to do hikes and stuff. I took 513 pictures, which I think everyone can agree is a pretty good amount. Also, I got to drive on the left side of the road, and number of curbs run-over notwithstanding, I did pretty well and it was fun. I can shift with my right and I can shift with my left--I'm amphibious.

So, I will be updating slowly but surely about my trip to Scotland, but right now I don't have much time, since coming back to work today was kind of overwhelming. I had (wait for it) 2,625 emails to weed through (I shit you not) and of course all but maybe 150 were spam or returned mail from when my email program sent "out of office" messages to spammers. I also had to go to the doctor today for my gluten allergy blood test, so I have a big bandaid and cotton wad combo on my arm. Niiice. Oh, and one of the two heinously annoying 20 year olds on our Wild in Scotland tour gave me her cold, so I'm sniffling around piteously. She gave me the cold at the end of the tour, AFTER begging all but one of my Cold-Eeze off of me. The nerve!

But here's the thing: Have you seen 'The Assistant'? The first episode was on last Monday; Dennis recorded it and we watched it last night. If you hate Andy Dick, I imagine you would hate the show, but if you don't hate him then you should watch it tonight because hooo boy that's some funny shit. My favorite part of the first episode was when he "accidentally" kicked the ashtray down the stairs--I think that was a really good touch.

I'm so glad to be back home. Except that for the last three mornings I've woken up so disoriented; I've had NO idea where I am, and it's vexing because I was never disoriented in Scotland, where I was sleeping in a different bed almost every night. I'm sure this too shall pass. Esther and Lucy were initially glad to see me but then gave me the cold shoulder for awhile--I guess they were mad at me, but they got over it.

Running home now, for I am late.

More tomorrow,


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