I'll Fly Away


We're leaving for the airport in a few minutes, and hoo boy I'm in a mental turmoil. Everything is packed into my bag that converts into a backpack, with the zip-off day pack, and it is stuffed to capacity. How am I going to bring back duty-free liquor when I've got no place to put it? Maybe I'll be allowed to bring on a paper bag of booze, on the way back--that will be my plan for now.

My stomach is also in a turmoil, since I haven't traveled much, and when I have it's been with Francisco. I know Diana and I will have fun, but it'll be strange to be somewhere so far from home without Francisco. I will miss him and Boy very much, and I hope they enjoy their Time of Manliness without me. As Catie has suggested, I will surely come home to a living room full of rib bones and dirty underpants.

I'm not going to prolong this entry, and I've got no brain for it anyway. Love and kisses to all, and I'll talk to you when I'm back (July 16).

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