I'm on my break


Songs of the day:

Remix of Annie's 'Chewing Gum'. I like this; it's perfect for summer. It makes me want to listen to it while laying in a kiddie pool and eating a popsicle.

Hollaback Girl; the Darth Vader version. Yeah, this is a joke song, but it's part of the Nooooo series that amuses me so much.

I think I need to on-purpose take a few days off from posting here. I've been pretty meh about it recently, especially this week when the heat index is clocking in at 'molten lava', but maybe if I declare a short hiatus my brain will decide to stop being so boring and start back up with the creativity again. So let the hiatus commence! Right after I get done writing the rest of this lackluster entry.

I read the following several weeks ago and meant to share it with you, but I forgot and in fact can't remember who said this: "Item # 479 in a limitless list of reasons to loathe George W. Bush - He is the only 40 year old in history who quit drinking not because he found blood in his urine, but because he had a talk with Billy Graham. No thinking adult should reach their fifth decade on the planet with a personal philosophy so tenuous that it can be altered by Billy Graham." Ooh, SNAP, Billy Graham! You got served.

Things to tell you:

1) On Wednesday I woke up feeling unwell (sore throat, deep-down tiredness, etc), and since I was already going to take the afternoon off anyway, I decided to call in sick in the morning as well. This was just the ticket.

2) The reason I was taking Wednesday afternoon off was because Slummyjelly was driving up from Charlotte to have lunch with me and Savageheart (an AtomicFriend), and I wanted to have as much time for lunch as possible. OMW, people! Slummy is even cooler and more fun than I imagined! She's one of those people you talk to for 5 minutes and then feel like you've known her since infancy. She's funny and smart and has a great voice. And pretty hair. And is pretty in general, which seems weird to mention and doesn't actually make a difference in how much I like her, but it's true. Also, she brought us some ho-made cds that are not only great (I've been listening to them) but have cover art and inside art and those professional-looking cd stickers. I gave her a cd I made and it looks like a 5 year old did it, with help from his hamsters. I also gave her a bottle of aquavit, some Homies, and a Weekly World News. I wasn't going to get the WWN, but when I was at the store before our lunch, unable to find a wine bag I could put the aquavit, cd, and Homies in, I figured since I'd have to give the stuff to her in a plastic grocery sack anyway (it was too late to go back home to find something else), I might as well get a WWN to make the gift even more trashy (I do Love to have a theme). She was very gracious in receiving the trashy gift: Add that to her list of positive attributes.

3) Otherwise on Wednesday, I read Carl Hiaasen's latest book, Skinny Dip, which was lent to me by the second in command boss. I was sick, so I could feel good about being lazy.

4) Sidewaysrain wrote a couple days ago about the Oil Cleansing Method for cleaning your face--I had never heard of such a thing, and I'm 37. I was intrigued, especially since a bunch of people commented that they use that method and it's been so great for their skin. I went straight out and bought some castor oil, and so far I've tried it twice and love it. For one thing, I have pms right now, and therefore pms skin, but it's almost cleared up completely in the past two days. This morning and last morning I got up thinking I'd look in the mirror to discover my face had erupted into a breakout such as the world has never seen before, but instead it's been better, both days. Also, the mini facial massage involved in the cleaning, and the steaming with the hot cloth feels great. I'm going to give it another few days and if it's still working I'm going to cancel my Proactiv and start getting rid of products. The Proactiv has been pretty good, but my skin has been seeming oilier and oilier, and plus I can never use up the "renewing lotion", and therefore have about 5 or 6 unopened ones. Proactiv lets you customize your order, except that only applies to the other two products--the lotion has to be included every time. This has been irritating me and making me feel a bit ripped off lately, so the OCM is timely indeed. Thanks Sidewaysrain!

Okay, so let the hiatus begin. Probably it won't take more than a few days before I'm jonesing to get back in here, so I'll see you then. Have a great weekend!


PS Uh, this is the second time I've posted this because it did some weirdass thing the first time, where it clipped out some of the middle so nothing made sense. That was bizarre.


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