Sharky didn't even wake up


At about 12:30 this morning, the smoke detector upstairs by Sharky's room emitted several loud and sustained beeps, waking Francisco and I in a panic. He investigated and there was no fire; it was just the detector telling us the battery was getting low. We were tired so we gambled on it not beeping any more until a decent hour of the morning, and we went back to sleep. It beeped again at about 4:30, at which point Francisco got up and took it and its friend (downstairs) off the ceiling--might as well change that battery too. The thing is, even after the upstairs smoke detector was off the ceiling and its battery was out, it kept chirping for awhile. That is some creepy poltergeist shit there, my friends.

Yesterday I wrote an entry, intending to post it just before 5:00, but then my computer (at work) spontaneously rebooted itself, which is not something it's ever done before. I was doing stuff in the computer system when suddenly the screen went black and the computer was making noises but wouldn't come back on. After a little while it gave me the login screen, and I got back in, commenced working, and after about 10 minutes it did the same thing again. I called a computer guy and hopefully he'll take a look at it tomorrow, because that's not normal. The upshot here is, I write all my entries as draft emails and then post them to D-land, because I've lost too many entries when writing them in the little D-land box, for whatever reason, so when the computer shut down it took my entry with it. DAMMIT.

Mugwhump signed my guestbook last week, asking how we decided on Esther's name, so I'm going to tell the lot of you: I'm not sure. When we brought the girls home (in 1993--they were about 12 weeks old), we turned them loose and watched them for awhile and talked about names. We took note of the way they looked and acted and gave them names we thought suited them. So I don't know where their names came from, but Lucy still seems like a Lucy and Esther still seems like an Esther, though they both have swelled and gotten a lot lazier.

Our visit to my sister and her husband this weekend was really fun. Their house is nice and comfortable, and we had good foods and played both Crazy 8s and Dominoes, AND Sharky lost at both. I mention this because he was being all braggy-braggy about how he was going to beat everyone, so he totally deserved his comeuppance. My sister and her husband are dog sitting for their friend's dog right now, and that dog was pretty funny. They had bought her a toy with a stuffed body and rope arms and legs, and she loved this toy and kept going around shoving it on everyone. It was all nasty from her having it in her mouth constantly, so no one wanted to touch it. I played tug of war with her and the toy after it had dried out, and though I don't want to gloat, I totally beat her, many times in a row. She's good at tug of war, but I am the tug of war master.

I'm tired and my coffee's getting cold. Did I mention we got up after the second smoke detector episode, because we couldn't sleep anymore? I'm probably going to regret that later today.


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