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Elsee never has time to update anymore, so I'm going to pass on a recent funny story about her daughter (my niece). Elsee's mom had been watching Baby Lou that day and they made a pie. After dinner Lou said, "Daddy, I want pie!" He said, "Well Lou, how do you ask?" Lou paused a second and then said, "Nana, I want pie!" She's no dummy--she knows Exactly who to go to for pie.

I don't like to bore people with my dreams too often, but I enjoyed the one I had this morning and I want to tell a little about it. In this dream I had a gadget for stealing things via teleportation. I had a receiver that I could put wherever I wanted (somewhere in my house, I would think) and a little flat metal disc that when I touched it to something, it would instantly teleport that object to where the receiver was. I was in a clothes store and was having great success at stealing a lot of things, though of course I don't steal during my waking hours. The stealing gadget was the main point of the dream, so that's all I'm telling and hopefully no one fell asleep narcoleptically while reading this paragraph.

The stomach is still burning today and I'm pretty sure I have that peptic ulcer I hypothesized about a few weeks ago. I'm basing my self-diagnosis on the Merck Manual, which lists my symptoms exactly under Peptic Ulcer. This means a trip to the doctor is in my near future, damn it. I'm going to see what the stomach does over the weekend and make an appointment on Monday if it's not better. The 'wait until Monday' scheme sounds logical and reasonable, but really I'm just stalling on the doctor visit and making it sound like a rational decision. I've been getting a lot done at home and at work lately so I feel I'm entitled to a little procrastination. Hopefully no one fell asleep narcoleptically while reading this paragraph.

I sent some funny e-cards from the Betty Bowers website this morning, and one of the two people I've heard from said that her card had some sort of Spammish subject line about Republicans or something, and so I'm betting most of the people to whom I sent a card deleted the notice without reading it. This is sad because those are HiLARious cards.

Oh my wax, I'm so glad it's almost the end of the day and that I get to not be in this ghastly office for a couple of days. The day started out slow but got more and more frenzied and I'm thoroughly sick of it now. Not sure what I'll be doing this weekend but it'll include sleeping in and being happy. You should do the same.


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