the craft virus


Here is a short and probably incomplete list of the projects I have either started and not finished, or have bought the ingredients for and have yet to start:

A sweater (half-finished--don't think I'll like it once it's done but I'll finish it anyway and give it to Goodwill)

A knitted baby blanket (am working on it daily; it is not languishing)

An advent calendar (not started but an easy project that I will do soon)

A baby quilt (half-finished--started 10 years ago. oh the shame!)

A felted blanket (have purchased a few wool sweaters to felt, but need to acquire more before actually beginning project)

A knitted hat with devil horns (started it once but ripped it out because the stitches twisted and I was in no mood for that nonsense)

Slippers for Boy (he likes the ugly slippers I've made him in the past and wants a new pair)

This list is quite short, compared to what it used to be before I finally realized that all those projects I had on the "back burner" would never get done. At that point I gave most of my stash away to Goodwill and I will never regret it, because the stuff nagged at me a lot and told me how lazy I am, and who needs to be guilted by inanimate objects? We have mothers for that. The craft supply problem started in the first place when I worked at a fabric store, because we got a discount and were all the time having sales, and it's easy to buy fabric and patterns and supplies when they're 40-50% off and you truly believe you'll do something with the stuff soon. I still have too many fabric scraps and hazy ideas of things I might do with them, and in the couple of years I've been knitting I've accumulated too much yarn without specific purpose, but it's not overwhelming me and that's progress. And my supplies don't take up much room at all--another plus, because the stash I used to have was all Over the place, due to its size.

I bring this up because yesterday I spent most of the day making pillows and using fabric I had purchased for a different purpose over a year ago (was going to make a king-sized quilt--how crazy was that??), and I'm feeling a bit accomplished. Never mind that the pillow forms I bought (yes I could've made my own forms, but I didn't feel like it) are not as big as I wanted, because 20" pillow forms are not actually 20" square, due to their plumpness. Never mind that the stitching I did to close them doesn't look very good because I was almost cross-eyed by the time I was sewing them up. The fabric has been used for something and has stopped nagging me. Also these pillows were the last thing needed to finish the grand bedroom redecorating scheme, so I can finally cross it off the mental home projects list.

People, as if you couldn't guess for yourself, the craft mania has got me again, though it's arrived a little early this year. I usually don't get the mania until sometime in October, but here it is, strong as ever. I spent time on Saturday morning making a list of all the xmas gift ideas I've had over the past several months, because I needed to get them out of my brain, and I'm glad I did that, because I was tired of thinking about it. It's only September, you know?


I wrote the above this morning, before descending into a poisonous mood, fueled by irritating questions from coworkers and being too hot, after someone turned the thermostat up for some reason. Feeling a little less foul right now, at the prospect of going home, but not un-foul enough to write more. Hope your day was great,

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