Little Stevie is all grown up


Something really cool and surprising slapped me across this face this morning. I emailed a friend to say happy birthday and when he wrote back he told me the guy playing the fiance on My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance is none other than Little Stevie, my ex-boyfriend's brother. The friend I emailed used to be best friends with my ex-boyfriend (who, by the way, I dated briefly over 15 years ago, so I'm not even sure if I should call him my ex-boyfriend anymore or if he's just A Guy), so he knows these things. My god, Little Stevie! He's filled out since I knew him, lo those many years ago, and I knew he was an actor but since I had no intention of watching that show I didn't realize it was him. I'll be watching it now--you can take that to the bank. Little Stevie (my friend informs me) has also been on Angel (as an orderly in that episode where an old guy switches bodies with Angel, and I did recognize him in that role) AND was the demon who gave Spike his soul back, on Buffy. My head is spinning around. Also, I know the people playing his family (on the Fiance show) are all actors, but really they could've just gotten Steve's family to play his family because they are all a little nutty. Except his mom--they would've had to replace her, I think, because she is just too well-mannered to act obnoxious. Tivo, get me a season pass, stat!

So we went to Tae Kwon Do last night and it was good--fairly difficult and enough calisthenic-type things to make me feel it. BUT, when we were warming up the teacher ordered 75 jumping jacks, which, people? I cannot do. I mean, I can do them but only about 3 jumping jacks to every one the rest of the class does, because of these bosoms which insist on flying all over the place. I started out doing them as fast as I could (3 to one) but after about 10 I gave up moving my arms and used my hands to clamp my boobs in place. This made everything a lot better for me but the rest of the class was laughing at me, even our teacher, though he tried to hide it. I didn't care, and after I began clutching the boobs, I could keep up. If they want me to do jumping jacks, they will have to get used to me holding my bosoms--end of story. If my bosom-holding causes the teacher to abandon the jumping jacks, so much the better.

It was a pretty good weekend, but it went by fast. Saturday afternoon the Boy went to spend the night with the Vegans, who used to be our neighbors but who moved about 45 minutes away. Francisco and I went to Raleigh to a brew supply store and got supplies for 2 different beers. We then went to 2 yarn stores and the second one was great, though it was located in a tiny house and the way stuff was crammed in there made me a little claustrophobic. They had Lopi! I ended up buying 10 skeins to make the sweater on the cover of this book, which Francisco gave me for my birthday. I had trouble getting the right gauge for the sweater (I think the yarn is not as bulky as the pattern yarn) and ended up having to alter the pattern for a different gauge, but I know it'll work out fine. I started the sweater yesterday and I have one of the sides (they're identical) over half done already--the Lopi knits up fast, especially on size 11 needles. Sunday we picked up the Boy at 3:00 and took him home, and then got Chinese food for an early dinner, as Boy was very hungry due to not eating very much of the food he was served at his friends'. I guess it was kind of gross, to him, because he's not used to eating grits or pizza with soy cheese. Yesterday I knitted half the day and Francisco and Boy did their stuff. I spoke whimsically about having a daiquiri (which I almost never drink--maybe 1 daiquiri every couple of years) and Francisco went out at around 3:00 and got a can of frozen daiquiri mix. He blended us up some drinks and I had mine while (of course) knitting, and he drank his while making one of the batches of beer. Those beer fixings stunk the house up--the smell woke me up repeatedly last night. It doesn't Stinkstink, like it's not retchworthy or anything, but it's a definite strong smell. It'll fade, and I think the beer is going to be really good--a Stout, with coffee and vanilla flavors. Woo!

I think that's about it for today--not a lot to report, and I really need to finally do some work today, because so far? I've done none. Zero. This is not good.





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