do I look bothered?


Two things for today:

1) The 2007-08 English Premiere League (soccer) season started a couple weeks ago, and I am so happy to be able to watch my team again. My super secret boyfriend, Sami, hasn't played yet, but it's not surprising because he only plays maybe every 4th game nowadays. This is his last season at Liverpool and I'm betting he'll retire from soccer completely after his contract ends. Sadness! But in the meantime, what a relief to be able to see my boys again.

2) I've been watching YouTube clips of The Catherine Tate Show the past couple of days, on my lunch hour, and holy crap that woman is funny. I'd never seen the show before and as far as I know it's not on BBC America, but I could be wrong. If you need a distraction I highly recommend checking out her stuff on YouTube. My favorite character so far is Lauren the chav; she makes me laugh and laugh.

No house viewings to tell you about.




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