I was thinking about my great aunt Ruby this morning and I remembered that she'd had a cat named Squadcar. I guess some police found the cat and asked her if she wanted it, if I'm remembering the story correctly (hence the name), but I just think that's an awesome cat name and thought I would tell it to you, the Internets. You are welcome. If I've told you that story before, just pretend there's a very delayed echo in here.

This morning when my alarm went off (at 4:45), I turned it off and closed my eyes for juuuuust a second, and when I opened them it was lighter in the room. Checked the clock and it was 5:01, yikes. I closed my eyes again and debated whether or not I was getting up. I didn't really want to go to the gym but it occurred to me to go out and give running a try, so I did that. I couldn't run very far, but I was surprised that I ran as far as I did--I guess I underestimated the distance I'd be able to go on this first run. I'd like to start running a couple times a week and work up to more frequently as I gain stamina and lose bulk. I don't want to run on a treadmill at the gym right now because I just know I look frightening, but my goal is to be at my fighting weight before winter sets in so I can run on a gym treadmill without alarming others or embarrassing myself. I know I shouldn't care about how I look when I'm exercising, but I do, alright? I'm shallow that way.

Last night I scarfed the dinner Francisco made (cauliflower paprikash, from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest cookbook--it's delish) and went to the yarn store. HOLY WOW, it's fantastic! It's actually a yarn and tea store, but I completely ignored the teas because, as I believe you know [ECHO...Echo...echo], I hate it. Herbal tea is okay, but they just have fancy regular teas and bleh: No Thank You. Anyway, the yarn selection is very good. It's not as comprehensive a selection as the yarn store in Eugene that I love, or really even the one in Wenatchee, but it's awful damn good and the shop is lovely; they did a good job. They're going to offer classes but (and I swear I'm not bragging here) I think the classes will be too basic for me. I was hoping there'd be mention of some kind of planned knit nights, but there wasn't and I felt funny about asking, since basically I'd be asking if they'll be hosting people to come in and sit around and not spend money. Or at least, not Necessarily spend money; I imagine most attendees would buy their yarn from there, but who knows. So, my official review of the new yarn shop is that it's terrific and I look forward to spending time and money there. I got yarn for the thing I'm making for my mum, and hopefully she'll like it. It's for her birthday in October, so I've got plenty of time and didn't need to buy the yarn now, but I wanted to make a purchase out of gratitude for the store being open in the first place.

My thumb is a lot better, it's healing up very quickly. I wanted to be sure to tell you this, since I know how worried y'all have been, especially Catie.




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