gold baby head


Our cleaning lady, Rachel, (sometimes she has a helper, sometimes not) worked her magic today, and a few days ago I realized that lately every time Francisco and I make a change or improvement in our house, I wonder if Rachel will like it. Silly but true. This morning I was hoping Rachel would like the new closet curtains--we made all three sets this weekend and are super happy with the way they turned out. She did not leave a note about the curtains, so I just have to Assume she liked them.

But speaking of the curtains, Lucy tried to kill herself this weekend. Francisco was helping me measure and cut the curtain fabrics, so I had threaded the sewing machine and got it ready to go and then went downstairs for no more than ten minutes to help with fabric cutting stuff. We brought the ready-to-sew fabric upstairs and on the way up noticed thread that was running down the stairs and back up again. We followed it and it led straight to Lucy's mouth. Francisco gently pulled it out and there was a good 20 inches in her stomach. She had chewed through the thread on the machine and started swallowing from the spool end. What was funny is how the thread went around a chair and under a table, like she swallowed it and then wasn't sure what to do so she wandered around a little. Anyway, I'm happy she didn't swallow more than that and also that we weren't downstairs for a long time so that the thread started digesting and got into her intestines. She was on suicide watch the rest of the day and I will never again leave my threaded machine uncovered when I'm not in the room. Cats, man.

We struck out once again on finding a liquor cabinet this weekend; I think we'll have to find one in Seattle. There's an antique store near the waterfront at which we've seen liquor cabinets in the past, so we'll go there on Tuesday when we're on that side of the mountains. Francisco's grandmother died on Monday and the funeral is next Monday. I am canceling my trip to San Jose this weekend (was going to return on Monday), which I'm pretty sure I didn't even tell you about in the first place (not intentionally--I just forgot), but will use my ticket sometime later this year to go see Catie. I'm hoping she won't mind me scheduling my visit for one of the Alameda Flea Market weekends, because I've been looking at her pictures of that flea market for a long time and would love to go.

I ordered some brown and pink Pumas on Monday (from Zappos) and they were on their way but have been delayed due to weather. Maaaan. I know there are much bigger things to worry about with the snowstorms out east, but I sure would like to get my shoes. I'll try to be more patient.

Today I'm wearing a brooch my parents gave me for Christmas, in our secondhand exchange. It's the head of a woman wearing a Mardi Gras mask, and on her head are some big coins and a giant gold-tone baby. No one has said anything to me about this piece of beauty today. I believe they think I think it's pretty, but really I'm just wearing it for the giant, gold, head-perching baby. If this is wrong then I just don't know what.

The sun was shining here today and the weather looks so nice, but when you step out the door there is an icy wind that will knife you in the guts. I will be race walking home in a few minutes, with plans for an evening of indolence. I have a powerful PMS hunger right now that wants to eat a whole chocolate cake for dinner, but I think I can probably refrain. Have a good night!




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