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Yesterday I FINALLY made an appointment to get my hair cut (for tomorrow morning). I don't know why I let it go so long, but I'm looking forward to having cute hair again. I'm starting to resemble Russell Brand and it's not a good look for me.

So today I found out there is a breed of sheep on North Ronaldsay [the northernmost Orkney Island] who subsist almost entirely on seaweed. Someday I will visit these sheep and see them with my own eyes, and hopefully I will also find and buy some yarn spun from their wool. I feel this seaweed-eating enterprise should be rewarded with my U.S. Cash Dollars.

Oh! I forgot to report on the dinner with my student coworker friends that happened...two weeks ago? Really there's not a lot to report. No one thought I was my friends' mom, but there WAS a puddle of beer under the table--I know this because I spilled beer and made the puddle myself. Oops! However, I did want to tell you one thing about the evening. Apparently the Tav has started carding people at the door, because when I arrived there was a bouncer just inside, sitting at a tall, narrow table (a bench really) that was partly cutting off entry to the bar. There were a couple chickies in front of me, showing their IDs, but after they were allowed in, the bartender glanced at me for a mere fraction of a second, and then turned away. I WISH I could act it out for you, because his dismissal was stunning in its completeness. Fortunately it doesn't hurt my feelings to not look 20 years younger than I actually am, so I was okay and could move on to the business of lurking for a table.

Francisco has tomorrow off, so we're going back to Yakima to look for a liquor cabinet. Last Sunday when we were in Yakima we ran out of time to go to antique stores, but I hope tomorrow we find the perfect cabinet and for a remarkable price at the first store we go to. Then we can come home and make all those closet curtains--Francisco said he would help me with the parts of the project that I'm finding most daunting, i.e. measuring and cutting. I don't know why I'm baulking at measuring and cutting, but I'm glad he's going to help so this thing can get done quicker than it would if it was all up to me.

I've been in kind of a funk lately, but I'm taking steps to pull myself out of it, so hopefully I will soon have more to say here. For right now I'm going to wrap this up and go home. I plan to eat eggs, toast, and salad for dinner, and I think I'm going to watch one of the Netflix Dr. Whos I saved to our Watch Instantly list. They're quite old but I think they have a lot of kitsch potential, so I'll give them a try. Have a great weekend!




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