the return of the foul concoction


Hi Internet! What I would like to tell you is that I'm very happy I said YES to the knitting group, because it was small but fun. Really the woman who hosts it is the fun part (though the other ladies are nice too), because she's funny and super nice and did a lot of the talking which meant I could relax a bit. Also, holy shit--I thought *I* had a lot of yarn and yarn accessories, but she has like a half a geodesic dome (her house is made of two domes) full of yarn and books and needles and etc. I feel a lot better about my comparatively small stash now, which I still have not photographed [nude on a bearskin rug] as intended. Ravelry will have to be patient.

Last night the woman who brought her daughter was talking about some upcoming boy scout winter campout that she has to attend (her son is a scout) and that there's no electricity at the lodge it's being held in. Specifically, she brought up the fact that someone's grandfather was going to attend even though he has sleep apnea and sleeps all hooked up to some kind of machine which requires electricity. What I was thinking (but not saying) was that he was looking a gift horse in the mouth, because I would think the only plus about being afflicted with sleep apnea would be to have a rock solid excuse for not attending any wretched boy scout campouts. Can I get a what-what, people?

Do any of you happen to remember Francisco's shampoo "Noodle Pot"?

He did this to VEX me...

(Click on photo for back story)

I bring it up because we left that icky bottle behind us in NC and Francisco and Shark have been using shampoo which is just its ownself ever since. UNTIL YESTERDAY. Francisco moved some more stuff over from the rental house, including a few stray shampoos and conditioners (one of which I was fully intending to use again after my current shampoo ran out), and he created a new mixed bottle. I discovered it this morning in the shower--a big bottle labeled "Man Hair Noodle Pot 2: The Renoodling". I couldn't get a photo of it because Francisco was asleep in the bedroom with all the cameras that work, but a photo will be taken and posted sometime very soon.

Today it's been pelting down snow,--sometimes in massive flakes--and I would've Loved to be home in my pajamas and drinking coffee, just watching it come down, but once AGAIN I had to work, dammit. If I were home and sitting in one of our new chairs (the one by the sofa, not that you know where that is), Lucy would come and sit on me and purr and drool. This weirds me out, the sitting, because before a week ago, she hadn't sat on me for a couple of years at least. She Tried to sit on me a year ago when she was so uncomfortable because we'd had her suspicious moley lumps removed (that turned out to be nothing), but then something scared her away. I'm positive she wanted to sit on me then because her wounds hurt and she wanted comfort, and that's why I'm a bit freaked out that she wants to sit on me now: I'm wondering what might be wrong with her that she can't explain to me. But she's eating like a pig and is sleeping normally and doesn't seem unwell in any way, so possibly she just feels more confident in our new house, for some reason. That's what I have to assume for now, but when she gets her next checkup we'll get the bloodwork done, just in case.

My inadvertently funny coworker was talking about bottled water today, and she kept calling Dasani water "Dansania". I don't know why that pleases me, but it does.

What I said YES to today: Utterz. It's Catie's fault--she's the early adopter--and I don't know how often I'll use it (or ever again), but it was at least fun this once.

Tonight Francisco is going to make dinner, because this is one of his days off and he said he'd cook, and we will have dinner and watch all the television I've been saving up on Tivo this week [Keith Floyd shows and Anthony Bourdain episodes, mainly] and be cozy inside while it's cold out. We don't have any weekend plans as of yet, besides moving some more stuff from the rental house, but I'm looking forward to spending at least a little time with Francisco, since I don't see him much anymore.

Speaking of making food, this morning when I was walking to work I was thinking about how important a nice kitchen has become, in real estate terms. I have heard and read many times that a good kitchen is one of the most sought-after features for home buyers, and I think I know why: Men are cooking now. Back in the days when cooking was women's work, what man cared about buying a house with a nice kitchen? Only the good ones; the bad husbands probably just waved their hands dismissively and said things like, "It's fine; she can make do". Anyway, I just bet this guess about why kitchens are important is at least one of the factors, and I would research the others except I've got other stuff to do. I mean, baby, I'm BUSY.

*and with that, she was gone*




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