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Last night when I was in line at the store to buy my whole wheat flour and peanut butter, I opened my messenger bag to get out my wallet, and too late realized that my empty oatmeal container was in there, on the top. I have a small oatmeal container I keep at work and refill it at home from the large containers of oatmeal we buy at Costco, so last night I was taking it home empty. I figured anyone in line behind me who happened to see the oatmeal container in my bag would assume I was stealing it, and there was a time earlier in my life when I might have explained to these people behind me that the container is EMPTY, see? Because I'm going to refill it at home. Now that I'm 40 I decided I'd rather explain it to one security guard than the 6 people in line behind me, so let them just call security if they think I'm stealing, but apparently no one noticed or cared enough to tell on me. It made me wonder if I would tip off security at the grocery store if I thought someone was stealing, and I think it would depend on the person taking a thing and what they were taking. Probably all elderly people would get a free pass from me for food theft, as well as anyone who looked hungry, but anyone stealing alcohol would not, even the elderly. Have you ever seen anyone stealing something, and if so, what did you do? One time Francisco and I saw some guy steal a whole passel of silk underpants from a Victoria's Secret and we tried to get the attention of a security person but no one was around so the guy got away with it. That was a Long time ago (about 15 years ago), but woe to anyone who tries to steal anything in front of Francisco now--he will take that person DOWN.

I'm starting to feel a little nervous about this knitting group tonight, especially since I'm getting a ride there from one of the group members, a stranger to me. She sounds nice on the phone (the woman who hosts the group set up this ride for me), but still, I'm not real used to making conversation with strangers. So it'll be good practice, right? This saying YES thing is really going to push my boundaries. Tonight after I get home I need to make a quick dinner and then cast on for the second in the pair of mittens I'm making for my friend Tara, because I can talk while knitting but need to pay attention to what I'm doing while casting on. Dog forbid I should look like I don't know what I'm doing tonight. I toyed with the idea of casting on a real difficult project, so as to impress the ladies, but probably it's a better idea to finish up these mittens.

Work has been so busy today that this is the first time I'd been on the internet All Day Long, and let me tell you, I've missed it. And now I've got to run off home, so I'll talk to you later, lovies.




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