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Last night I dreamt I was applying for entrance to some kind of college and there was an entrance interview which included a test: having to find and retrieve a piece of dog poo that was flung from some kind of catapault. We were outside and I saw where the poo went, so I ran to get the plastic bag but when I went back to where the poo was, I couldn't find it. I didn't get into the college. I think it was like a cooking school or something.

Yesterday morning someone I sort of work with showed me the set of gold teeth she bought herself in Atlanta over the weekend--they cover 4 of her bottom teeth and are quite shiny. I'm sort of jealous but can't imagine wearing gold teeth often enough to consider buying them for myself. My mother would be horrified if I had gold teeth, but that doesn't seem like enough reason to get them, though it's pretty far up there, as reasons go. I so enjoy horrifying my mom; it's one of my greatest pleasures in life.

Last night we had so many more trick or treaters than we've had in any previous year; it was weird but fun. The best was, as always, the very little kids who would stand there, mute, after I opened the door because they knew they were supposed to say something but couldn't remember what it was. I also enjoyed tormenting the older kids who, for whatever reason, were disinclined to say "Trick or Treat" and just wanted to be given candy. "Can I help you?", I would say (just like last year). "Is there something you wanted to say to me?" And they said it, if they wanted to get my candy, which they did, because Francisco had bought some good stuff. Sharky had two friends come over and go out trick or treating with him, and they didn't dress up (which I was annoyed about) but they made up some fake movie they were supposed to be characters from, and discussed the fake movie and their characters at length, so I guess they at least put in some mental effort on it. Anyway, Francisco made a big pot of chili and some cornbread to feed those ravenous boys and they went out on their candy-gathering expedition. We watched Rome, in between doorbell ringings, and Esther sat on my lap for about an hour and a half. The cats officially hate Halloween; all that doorbell makes them nervous.

Last weekend we watched The Blackburn Rovers vs Charlton Athletic (amongst other Premiere League matches) and it was a pretty good game in terms of action, plus the Charlton Athletic team's socks are very Pippi Longstockingesque. Another good thing about the game was when Robbie Savage [Blackburn] was subbed out--he was loudly booed, and the announcer guy said he's always booed, whether he's going on or off the pitch. I solicited information from Lex Hall [no linky], an AtomicFriend from Manchester, and he said Robbie Savage is very much hated for lots of reasons (I won't go into them), hence the booing. I think it would be pretty cool to be booed all the time, as long as you could take it in stride; it makes me think of Johnny Fairplay--remember him?

Songs of the Day:

Crazy Penis -- Lady T, at Fluxblog.

Arab Strap -- Love Detective, at The Camera As Pen--scroll down down down.

Young Gods -- La Fille de La Mort, at Pilgrim's Progress.

Rockwell -- Somebody's Watching Me, at Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good.

The Subways -- Rock and Roll Queen, at Can You See The Sunset From The Southside?.

White Lord Jesus -- Beautiful Diseases, at For The Eardrums.

Breadfoot and Anna Phoebe -- Hillary Rose, at songs: illinois.

Tonight I will go home and have dinner and watch Manchester City vs Aston Villa, plus do some other stuff, including stopping Sharky from making himself sick on candy. It's not a bad gig.

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