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West Ham jersey

West Ham

Aston Villa jersey

Aston Villa

Dear West Ham and Aston Villa FCs,

You couldn't have called each other during the planning process? It's a little confusing.


Remember when I told you last week about the Chelsea vs Everton game and how Everton managed to hold onto a 1-1 tie despite being a pretty terrible team and Chelsea being quite good? That was a great story, wasn't it? Good times, good times. Anyway, I forgot to tell you the best thing about that match: During the last couple minutes of the game--in stoppage time--the crowd was on the edge of their seats (as were we, watching at home). It was very tense and Chelsea made a few attempts at goal that Everton thwarted and the Everton supporters were counting down every second of the game and everyone is like, "c'mon, c'mon...", when suddenly some guy in the stands screamed at the ref, with more than a slight edge of desperation in his voice, "BLOW YOUR WHISTLE!!!" I guess that awesome moment isn't going to come across in writing, unless you can imagine the crazed desperation behind the screaming, but it was great and we zipped back to hear it at least a couple more times. Thank you, anonymous screaming man; you brightened our night.

More soccer talk! We watched a couple of games last night and the best was Liverpool [our team] vs West Ham; Liverpool won 2-0 and it was a lively game. My super secret boyfriend, Sami Hyypia, performed quite well and impressed me all over again. I'm worried about him, though, as there have been studies which show professional soccer players often develop memory loss and recognition problems from all the times they head the ball. Sami heads the ball a LOT (he's really good at it, too, in terms of accuracy and distance) so he's at a higher risk of developing the memory loss problems. Do you know, I bet if I see him in person, he will have absolutely no memory of being my super secret boyfriend. HEARTBREAKING.

Songs of the Day:

The White Stripes -- Walking With a Ghost, at My Old Kentucky Blog.

Calexico -- Black Heart AND Wolf Parade -- I'll Believe In Anything, at veritas lux mea.

Blossom Dearie -- Figure Eight, at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff. ATTENTION: This is a cover of the Schoolhouse Rock song; it will make you all nostalgic, so go listen/download!!

Today I finally got that file I've been trying to get from "Office #1" for over a month. I talked to someone from there last week--not the woman I've been dealing with--and she told me the reason I hadn't gotten the file back initially was because [wait for it] they hadn't sent it to me. Thank you, ma'am, for both solving the problem and for confirming what I knew all along. Now I've got some work to do.

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