The strangest thing happened today at my doctor appointment. HE GAVE ME A PRESCRIPTION. I know! It's bizarre! That never happens anymore. He did tell me to drink lots of stuff, but I think that's in the Hippocratic Oath.

Here's the best thing about the appointment: Remember when I made my big prediction that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever was going to be this summer's hot new disease? I hope you remember, because I can't be bothered to find that entry and link to it. Anyway, I am So Trendy--right on the cutting edge of illness, because what I got antibiotics for was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Now, honestly the doctor didn't say for sure that I have RMSF (I'm tired of typing that whole thing), but they ran a blood test that ruled out other stuff, and did a strep test that ruled out strep and he said it is the practice of that office to assume people with my symptoms (during the summer) have RMSF, and treat them for it.

Pffft. I don't have RMSF. I would know if I'd been bitten by a tick; it's not like they have a quick snack and go on about their business. They latch on and stick around until you find and pull them off. I haven't had a tickbite recently, but I'm definitely sick with something, so I'm taking the damn antibiotics. I wonder if the mosquitoes are transmitting something new, illnesswise, or if They can carry RMSF and no one knows it yet. In that case I could Absolutely have it, because those fuckers Love me.

Did I tell you how bitten I got in Maine? I got a number of mosquito and black fly bites when in Maine, including (charmingly) two mosquito bites on my face. I always swell up a lot with mosquito bites, so I went around during the rest of the vacation with a big bite on my right cheekbone and another on my left cheek, near my jaw. They looked exactly like huge, pulsating zits, and no amount of makeup could cover them. I had to meet Atomic and Ozzy, and Miles with these big faux zits, and that was embarrassing. I mean, it was still great meeting them, but I was a little self-conscious.

I actually still want to wait to tell about that, because I know my brain can't do the meetings justice tonight. I'm tired and I have a bad headache and I'm not feeling all that sharp. Can I just say how sweet Francisco is being to me? He is making me food and waiting on me and just being the best and nicest person in the world. He went to the grocery store earlier and he asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted some flavored seltzer water, so he bought 8 bottles. This is because there were 8 flavors and he didn't know which I would want. Isn't that so sweet? I can't believe I found this incredible man; I feel like the luckiest woman Ever.

I'm going to go get ready for bed. I've really been enjoying sleeping lately, including cuddling up with the cats. Sometimes I find their aggressive nocturnal cuddling too intrusive, but since we got back from vacation it's been really nice.


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