a little puttering never hurt anyone


Just a tiny entry at this time.

Last night, Francisco found and removed a tick from his person. What is going on here?? The ticks are making me nervous and I'll be watching that tick bite spot like some kind of tick bite watching hawk. What do you want to bet he'll have to be treated for Lyme disease? I'd say Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever except he was bitten by a deer tick, and it's dog ticks what cause the RMSF. I think the ticks are organizing, so be careful.

The other day Boy was talking about a kid in our neighborhood who he sometimes plays with, out of desperation, but doesn't really like. He mentioned he didn't like the kid and Francisco asked him why. Boy said, "He likes talking about everything in hyperbole." That kid floors me sometimes. I love that.

Still with the headache, but it's a little better today and I'm doing some puttering around, over Francisco's objections. But Damn it gets boring sitting around all the time. I'm not doing too much--some kitchen cleaning and plant watering so far. I'm going to change the sheets in a minute, and clean the bathroom, plus do a little laundry, and I think that's enough for today. And I'll shower, because I am Gross.


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