I've got your cold hard bitch right here


This morning on my way to work, I heard Jet's 'Cold Hard Bitch', and man, it was just what I needed. The first few times I heard that song come on I almost changed the station, because the song's intro sounds so much like one of those bad late 70's, early 80's hair band songs, but now I recognize it when I hear it and turn the volume up, baby, up. It turned out to be an appropriate song for my day, because I've had to be a cold hard bitch just to survive the onslaught of people I've seen today. I mean, I've been nice on the outside, but cold and hard on the inside, because if there's anything I've learned in my 10 years of working in this field, it's that you can't get emotional about individual cases, or you'll go crazy. My very first set of people today sat in my office for 25 minutes, complaining, and there was absolutely nothing I could do for them. The dad tried a good old boy tactic, of sitting back in his chair and staring at the aid letter, shaking his head in dejected silence for a prolonged period of time. I sat in my chair thinking, "buddy, that is Not going to intimidate me", and answered the questions they asked, which were mainly, "so there's no way you can give us more?" The drop in hours today are supposed to end at 4:00, but I'll believe that when I see it.

It didn't work out yesterday to try and trick my boy coworker with "Ima Wright-Wally", so I tried it today but the overly professional receptionist crossed it out before he ever saw it. The nerve! We'll have several more of these days, so I'm going to try it again, and the receptionist better not put the kibosh on it next time.

Tomorrow morning we're having one of the AtomicFriends over for breakfast (she's in town for a wedding), and I'm very excited. I haven't met her before and I think we'll have a good time. We're making a frittata and serving it with good bread (hopefully some rosemary or olive bread--need to go to the bakery), strawberries, and bloody marys. I need to find a good bloody mary recipe, and I need to do that tonight, as well as shop for the ingredients, because I don't want to be shopping in the morning. That's the only thing we're doing this weekend that's planned, though I hope to talk Francisco and Boy into going for a little hike on Sunday. I also want to go to the library and get more books, because I'm running low, and I need to take some work home but I want to get it done on Saturday afternoon so Sunday will be all about relaxing and maybe hiking. I'm so happy to be having a weekend.

And I hope You have a good weekend. Yes, you--who did you think I was talking to? Silly.



PS I just ate a jellybean that was a conjoined twin. It was twice as delicious. |


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