Short but boring


I've gotta make this quick, for it has been a crazy day and I'm low on time and brainpower.

1) Our breakfast with Smoothiegirl AtomicFriend on Saturday was really really fun. We didn't end up making the frittata; instead we had pancakes (gluten free, which were, I swear, yummier than regular pancakes) with blueberry sauce, plus strawberries, cheese, and mimosas. Smoothie is great fun and we like her a LOT and hopefully something will bring her down here again, soon.

2) There's a rabbit nesting in our front yard. She dug a hole under the vinca and we're sort of tiptoeing around out there, or at least I am, so as not to disturb whatever she's doing (or her babies, if she birthed them that soon after digging the hole). It's raining today and I keep thinking about the nest and wondering if there are babies in there getting wet.

3) Our Easter was very low key. Francisco and I filled up some of those plastic eggs with candy and coins and hid them around the kitchen, living room, and downstairs bathroom for Boy to find. We made him 3 baskets from the stuff we bought him and the stuff my parents sent him and I guess Francisco hid those as well, but only after Boy got up really early on Sunday to see if he had Easter gifts. I didn't want to hide the baskets the night before because I just Knew the cats would get into them and eat the plastic easter grass, for they are a little bit dumb. Also, they've eaten easter grass before, but fortunately short enough strands that it hasn't caused any problem other than it sticking out their rear ends. Which is disgusting, but at least not life threatening for them.

4) Yesterday I read for hours and hours and Esther cuddled up with me several times for prolonged periods. That was lovely. I also did the work I brought home and have managed to input a lot of it today at work, but not as much as I'd have liked. Lots more people dropping in today than I expected, and I still wasn't able to trick my boy coworker. I still have two or three more of the drop-in days to see if I can play my little joke, so we'll see.

That's all for now.


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