Brewfest is my new favorite holiday


[I've deleted what used to be here because there's someone I don't want to read it, who Might read it if I left it. I don't like to edit, but I'd rather edit than risk the hurting of the feelings.]

The Brewfest this weekend was fun; I can hardly wait for next year's. Various businesses in the downtown area hosted brewers, and mostly the hosts weren't restaurants. We went to the newspaper:

printing presses 1

The bike shop:


And two restaurants I wasn't inspired to photograph. Our favorite beer was Northern Lights' Winterhop Ale; it was quite good and I will buy it if I ever see it elsewhere.

Otherwise this weekend, we did a full complement of leg weights on Saturday (squats, quads, hams, calves, inner & outer thighs) and Sunday and yesterday I could barely walk. Today the legs are better--still sore but at least I'm not walking like a chimp with a poo-filled diaper, unlike the previous two days. The soreness made me not want to do much on Sunday, but we walked to the far supermarket and got some stuff; the walk was good. I took a few pictures with the Smena along the way--I put slide film in it this weekend that I'll have cross processed, and hopefully they'll turn out cool. I also knitted this weekend on the lace scarf I'm making. It's slow going because I need absolute quiet and total lack of interruption when I work on it, especially considering I've started it over five times now. It's a ten row repeat, so I'm just doing it ten rows at a time, to avoid effing it up yet again.

Last night we were trying to get ready for bed, but Sharky was talking to us in our room, and we had to make him leave so we could change clothes and stuff. He yelled through the door: "Don't you be doing sex in there--not with ME in the house!", which was funny, but oh little man, if only you knew what a kibosh you've put on our sex life. Hopefully someday he'll get married and will have children that will put a damper on his sex life they way he has on ours. I would laugh and laugh.

Tonight I'm going directly from work with a couple of coworkers to a nearby high school for a college night presentation. It's the last one I get to observe before I have to do one on my own--I have one on Friday afternoon, here at the school, for some prospective students. I'm sort of nervous already, but not nearly as nervous as I'm going to be on Friday. I probably could have continued to weasel out of doing them for awhile, but why bother when I'll have to do them eventually; I might as well get it over with.

Gotsta work now.



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