dangerous cat


Last night I had two dreams that, unfortunately for you, I'm going to talk a tiny bit about: 1) As a gift to us, my sister took Lucy from our house (while we were away) and got her some surgery which made her venomous. As in, if she bit you, she would inject venom, like a snake. I can't imagine how this could be considered a gift, and also, if one of our cats was going to be venomous, it should Not be Lucy. Do you hear that, Minired? NOT LUCY. 2) I was on a mountain and kept being knocked down by powerful gusts of wind. I understood in this dream that the Universe was sending those gusts of wind on purpose to knock me down, but sort of playfully, so the dream was actually good because that meant the Universe knows who I am and is keeping tabs on me. I woke up right after that and laid awake for awhile, feeling comforted by the dream, and honestly? I sort of think the Universe sent me that dream specifically to comfort me. I don't care if this statement makes me look stupid. End dream talk.

[I'm deleting everything that was here except the words "patchy localized dickishness", because I think they're funny, even out of context. I'm deleting everything else to prevent someone specific from reading it.]

I have big plans for redecorating my office this weekend. I'm not actually going to do much, but I'm going to replace the tiny Christmas ornaments hanging from my ceiling with origami cranes. I'm going to hang up a few more pictures and think about what to replace the snowflakes on my window with--probably paper flowers--and I think that's all I'll do for now, unless I have other ideas.

Did I tell you Francisco's in the town's deputy reserve sheriff program? After he completes the training, he'll be like a volunteer cop (deputy); he is totally stoked. He just started on Monday (orientation), and the training is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, plus several weekends--it ends May 10 (Kim and Dan's birthdays). I'm happy for him to be doing this, but it is already messing with our carefully crafted schedule of him making dinner for me every night. Well, that's not true, since he's made dinner anyway and just left me to eat it, but he can't keep that up forever. It's also messing with the morning gym schedule, and basically I'm just going to have to go without him in the morning, since he's getting in late most weekday nights now. I think I'll start my solitary gym-going tomorrow morning, especially since Thursday mornings are the GOOD step classes.

That's about all I've got today, and my lunch hour is ending, so....bye!




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