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I feel much better today than yesterday, due to getting a lot of good sleep last night. I Did, however, have yet another dream about taking care of someone else's child; pretty mild this time, though. All I did in this dream was notice a toddler lost on the street and find his mom for him, end of story, but I'd sure like to know what's up with all these dreams of being the caretaker/protector of children that aren't mine. When I told Francisco about the dream this morning, he said, "Well, maybe you need a toddler. I bet you'd be really good with a little kid". So there you go; I'll drop by the store tonight and pick one up. I'll get a boy and will name him Pierpont.

Today I started a week-long experiment of calorie restricting. If the experiment goes well (which I expect it will), I'll extend the experiment indefinitely, because I'm tired of living in the cushy luxuriance of this body now and would rather be bonier. Needless to say, I am really quite hungry.

Song of the Day: The Cloud Room -- We Sleep in the Ocean, at so much silence.

I did a LOT of work today (via restricting my internet access) but still have loads more to do this week. I'm going home now to walk with Francisco and then have dinner, and hopefully on the way home I'll be able to take a photo I've been wanting to get. It's where a railroad crosses the freeway (as an overpass), and I want to get it with boxcars sitting on there. It used to have boxcars on it all the time, but then I started bringing my camera every day and the boxcars stopped being there. They were there this morning, however, so hopefully they haven't moved.

I'm off.
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