fox hunting and old port


When I got to work this morning, after 3 days off, I arrived around the same time as the second in command boss, and she made some brief mention of the few bagels sitting on the counter in the kitchen. I figured the office had gotten bagels on Friday but I asked what they were from, and she said, "Oh that's right--you weren't here! You don't know!". I asked what I didn't know, and she told me "Soup Lady" (the one who gives me/our office all sorts of gifts, including frozen soup that one time) had brought in 20 dozen bagels on Friday. TWENTY DOZEN! For 13 employees! Apparently most of my coworkers took bags of bagels home, and they cut the rest in half and put them in ziploc bags in the freezer--it's packed full. That is total craziness nuttiness, but of course I'll be taking bagels home tonight, because why not?

The bagel thing made me forget, for a few minutes, how dog tired I am today. I didn't sleep well last night and because I was asleep I didn't realize why I was sleeping poorly (which doesn't make complete sense but shut up), until I woke up around 3:30 and realized I had Cramps From Hell issuing from my uterus. Anyone who just got squeamish from reading that should be advised that I do Have a uterus, and sometimes it hurts--I don't cause these things, I just report them. Anyway, I got up and took 3 ibuprofen and laid back down, writhing in pain, until the pills kicked in around 40 minutes later and I could drift back to sleep. I then dreamed I was a nanny for someone's little baby girl but I kept forgetting her and she kept doing things she shouldn't have been able to do at her age, such as wandering around the house and scalding herself inside a deep fry cooker. This was not a restful dream; I could have slept for HOURS longer if only I didn't have to work.

This weekend I:

1) Knitted (still not done! but I'm getting really close)

2) Walked every day with Francisco

3) Watched the Liverpool/Charlton game on Saturday morning--unsatisfying because it was a 0-0 tie and Liverpool should have won, IHOP.

4) Collected coal from beside railroad tracks (a couple of our walks were on the tracks):

coal. in a bowl.

5) Think we saw Jason "Wee Man" Acuņa (from Jackass) on Saturday, riding a bike with some chick. But what would Wee Man be doing in Durham, NC? The mind boggles.

6) Wrote another postcard to Ms. Kwon.

7)Took pictures of Bennett House for the Obscured Landmarks pool, on Flickr.

Bennett House, obscured

Song of the Day: For Jen, Antony and the Johnsons -- Bird Girl, at Motel de Moka.

In closing, here is the traditional schedule of toasts officers on board English ships followed (when sailors still drank like fish):

Sunday -- Absent friends
Monday -- Our ships at sea; Queen and country.
Tuesday -- Our men, our mothers; Health and wealth.
Wednesday -- Ourselves (as no one else is likely to concern themselves with our welfare); Our swords, old ships.
Thursday -- A bloody war or a sickly season*; the King.
Friday -- A willing foe and sea room; Fox hunting and old port
Saturday -- Sweethearts and wives (may they never meet).

I've been a bit obsessed since reading these in Alcoholica Esoterica, because I don't see why I can't make these MY traditional toasts. I mean, just because I'm not in her majesty's royal navy doesn't mean I can't toast to a willing foe and sea room, right? I'm going to try it out.


*This was meant in jest, I think, but was related to the officers' advancement--if their superior officers died, there would be room for them to move up in command. |


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