why not restart?


People should be more careful when they invent things. This morning I overheard Weird Scott (the computer guy) talking to his boss from my boss's office, and he said, "Do you think I should reboot?". And I thought what an inherently stupid term "reboot" is. Couldn't the inventors of modern day PCs have shown a little more foresight when creating a term for turning a computer off and on again? "Boot" is dumb enough in the context, but "reboot"? Very annoying. The moral of the story is, if you're going to invent something, take care when choosing the terms of operation, because you never know when an invention could become a common household object and people might have to talk incessantly about it.

Stop eating farmed salmon! It turns out farmed salmon is high in PCBs, which makes me a tiny bit worried, as we've been sucking down salmon like crazy the past few months. I guess we need to find a different fish to fall in love with, though Wild Oat markets have a salmon source that doesn't have high PCBs and Wellspring (our Whole Foods market) is searching for a source. This salmon thing is a bummer, because Francisco makes a salmon with miso sauce that could make you swoon, but I guess he can stick that miso sauce on some other fish instead.*

I'm so happy I get to go home in a little while, and I'm extra happy it's the weekend. Tonight we'll have dinner and watch a Netflick, but we don't have plans for the rest of the weekend. I think I want to go to Target and buy some more exercise clothes, since I'm back on an exercise schedule. Catie noted the other day in her diary that it is essential to have enough exercise clothes, and they should fit well and make you feel cute, because then you'll exercise more. As usual, she is Absolutely Right. I hope I can drag Francisco on my Target pilgrimage (Target is too far from where I live right now, but rumor has it that one is being built much closer. Hopefully it's true, because right now going to Target is quite a trek.), but if he doesn't want to go, I'll make the journey on my own.

This morning I dreamt I was given a small can of extra caffeinated, extra sugary Pepsi to drink, and I almost drank it because not drinking it could've been awkward (social situation), but I ended up giving it to the person sitting next to me, because it doesn't fit in with my dietary goals. When I woke up I felt proud of my dream-self, since usually my dreams about food involve eating large slices of cake and stuff like that. If a girl can forego unhealthy foods in her sleep, she can Definitely forego them when awake.

Have a great weekend,



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