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Francisco's at some big shootenanny today, but before he left we were sitting on the futon, with Esther in her customary postion between us. She was completely inert but then suddenly did a Very exaggerated stretch, with all 4 legs, and we laughed at her. And I was thinking, wouldn't it be funny if people did that kind of thing? Like, you'd be talking to someone and without warning they'd stick their arms and legs straight out in a big stretch, grunting with satisfaction. Or you know how when cats get up from laying down and they're walking but they pause to stick each hind leg out behind in a stretch? If a person did that, that would be pretty funny. Basically I think the world would be a much more entertaining place if people were cattier;

About 20 minutes after Francisco left today, he called to say he'd found a lady's purse on a freeway on-ramp, when he'd stopped for gas. He found a phone number inside the purse, called, and left a message saying he had the purse. He surmised the woman who lost it had put it on the bumper or the roof of the car and it fell off, and he was right. She called the house a few hours ago, all relieved that her purse was safe and intact (it is), and the poor woman only realized she didn't have her purse when she was trying to buy a cartload of groceries. She'll call back later, because she knows her purse won't be back from the shootenanny until this evening.

I'm listening to Snoop Dogg while I write this, and man do I love him--I can't Not move my body when I listen to his music. I'm sitting in the rocking chair right now, grooving to 'Pimp Slapped' and wishing I had a cold 40.

Yesterday we made the pilgrimage to Target and I found a couple pairs of very cute exercise pants, plus I got 3 more exercise bras, because one can never have too many. One of the pairs of pants was marked $19 but was in fact on clearance for $4.88, which I found out at the checkout. I love when that kind of thing happens. It's like the Universe is giving a nod of approval toward the purchase, saying, "Girl, you just Buy those pants--those are cute"

On Friday my Seattle friend, Diana, called and she is coming out for a visit on August 22. I'm so excited! I hope I can find something fun for us to do that weekend. I've known Diana since 1985--she was attending the Bible college I went to for a couple of years. Like me, she has since come to her senses and is no longer religious, and she's the only friend I know about from that college who isn't religious anymore. It's really, Really nice to have a friend who knows exactly where I'm coming from, and plus, she's extremely funny and smart. So her visit is definitely something to look forward to--I feel very lucky!

This morning I did the treadmill and then stayed in my sweaty clothes, because I was cleaning the house. I only just showered, at 5, and I didn't bother to get dressed in real clothes; I put on my pajamas. I know I'm not going anywhere tonight, so why bother with real clothes? It feels nice to be clean and in pajamas, listening to Snoop's heartwarming ballad, 'I Miss That Bitch'. Life is good.


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