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I hate being in charge of office publications. Yesterday I went downstairs to get some coffee and was summoned into the large room housing the support staff where I was told we need an updated brochure right away. And see, I knew I needed to update it--it's been on my desk for a week or two--but I didn't know when we needed it, and I Certainly didn't know we need it NOW. One of the staff showed me a large mail bin full of addressed envelopes needing to be stuffed with the brochure and mailed, and holy crap, why didn't anyone tell me those envelopes were waiting??? I was so pissed. I hate that sneaky bullshit where the person who needs to know isn't told until it's an emergency, at which time the supervisor of the person is told first. "The person" in this case being me. It puts me in the position of having to rush order the brochure, and we need 14,000 COPIES. If this was the first time this kind of thing had happened, it probably wouldn't have upset me so much, but the staff person hoarding the envelopes has done this to me several times, and I am ready to throttle her and stick her in a gibbet.*

Next month I'm turning 37, and I'm not bothered by 37 as an age, but a few days ago on the phone with my mom, I told her (in response to her unexpected suggestion we adopt a baby from China), "But I'm almost 40!" And while it's not Strictly true--being more than 3 years from 40 is not almost 40--I realized I AM bothered by 40 as an age. For me, I mean, because who cares if Other people are 40 or 40-something? This is ME we're talking about! Me me me! It is my diary, after all. Anyway, I'll probably get over this soon, but for right now I'm a little freaked out by the idea I'll be 40 in a few years (dog willing!). There's just something about that number I don't like.

But you should see my To Do list for this weekend--it's friggin UGE! My favorite item on the list is purging my side of the closet and my craft-type supplies. I have Waay too many things I saved (weird things) that I thought maybe someday I would use in a project, and if I had unlimited room in my house, I would continue to save them. As it is, these weird things are taking up too much room and must leave the house immediately. So, I have the purging and the shopping for things like a futon cover, those boxes to hide dvds and other stuff in, and fabric to make new curtains for the living room. I also need to pick The Boy up two boxes of candy cigarettes, an olive green t-shirt, and an ugly brown wig (will cut if necessary) for his Lynndie England Halloween costume. He's going to wear it twice because he's been invited to a Halloween party tomorrow night; I think he'll have fun.

This weekend will also find me finally felting those sweaters I bought awhile back (a year ago? more?) for the express purpose of felting, unravelling that sweater I made from the Lopi, because it's huge and unflattering on me (see also: resembling a Yeti) and it's too girly for Francisco, and getting started on my Altoid tin project. I will do some official thinking (and listing any supplies needed) about the ornament and scarf swaps in which I am participating, but I doubt I'll do any actual work on either. Also, we're going to go to breakfast on Sunday morning, early, and then take a walk in the woods so we can get some pictures of the trees with their pretty leaves. We decided against handing out the cans of deviled ham on Saturday night to any day-early trick-or-treaters, due to laziness and cheap-skateness. Instead we'll leave our lights off and hole up with a Netflick. The deviled ham was a very tempting idea, but do I really want to buy a load of ham and have to keep disappointing children with it? No I do not. I'll just give candy rewards to the children who trick or treat on the correct day.

I'm pretty sure I had something else to tell, but I can't remember what it is. This has been a busy week at work and I'm glad it's over now. Hopefully next week will be quieter, because I have a lot of personal email correspondence to catch up on. Not to mention Mitch Masters, Private Investigator who has been languishing for way too long now. Francisco and I were talking about him a few weeks ago and we figured out what Mitch Masters' central mystery will be, as well as a lot of the plot details, and I wrote a bunch of notes, so I can hardly wait to start working on it again. I'd like to have the first draft written by the end of the year, if at all possible.

Need to finish a few things up now. Have a great weekend!

* How fascinating is the gibbet? Answer = very. |


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