we'll throw our nets out into the sea


Recently-ish I had a dream that I was just reminded of. It took place in Hawaii and I only remember that scary things were happening and that I told Francisco (who was in the dream), "I want to go back to the Contiguous 48!". But speaking of Hawaii, Francisco and I are tentatively planning to go there next December, in celebration of our 20th anniversary. I hope we do this, because more and more I would like to see Hawaii with my own eyes and smell it will my own nose. Catie says it smells amazing there and I want to get in that action.

Today at lunch I went to Jerroll's and bought some oil paints (just typed "oil pants"--nice) that clean up with water. I also got a little thing for a friend and two more packs of teacher stickers, which are the type I'm using at work. I had smiley faces and stars, but now I also have pieces of popcorn and insects. This sticker thing has definitely helped me feel happier about my job.

This morning a guy came to install a webcam at the counselor desk, because alluvasudden we're supposed to be counseling students at our satellite campuses, via Skype. I'm kind of iffy about this idea--it seems likely to be problematic in many ways--but if we have to do it anyway then I'll see what I can procure in the way of silly hats, mustaches, billy-bob teeth, glasses, and prosthetic scars. I'm all about trying to make things fun nowadays.

It will be a normal-ish weekend until we go to the west side for the funeral, and I don't really have any weekend plans other than that. I need to set a goal or two, or start a project. Something. Have a great weekend!




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