Okay, my eyes are better today and work is slow, so all systems are set to Go for an entry. Please hold your applause until the end.

This afternoon I'm leaving at about 1:45 to go to the dentist and get my second filling ever. The dentist has assured me that the drilling will be short, and I don't think the procedure will take long, but I am Not coming back to work afterwards. I figure there will be at least some Novacaine involved and I don't fancy the idea of sitting around here drooling; I prefer to do my drooling at home. I'm not nervous or worried about the dental visit at all; I have been subjected to worse things than a spot of drilling and a few needles in the gums. Mind you, if I were going in for a root canal, I'd be whining like nobody's business.

On Friday, when I called in sick, I went out early to do a bunch of errands. I tried to go to TJ Maxx first, but they weren't open yet. So then I tried to go to the Orient Supermarket, which is near TJ Maxx, only to find out it's out of business:

the demise of the Orient Supermarket

I was very sad! I called Francisco and asked him to look up other Asian Markets in the area, and I started driving around. After I had given up and decided to stop and get coffee and a scone (second breakfast), I saw a market about a block from the coffee/scone place. It was closed so I proceeded with the nourishment plan and went to the market after I'd received sustenance. It's a pretty good place but they didn't have the honey-citron tea I love so much. A couple of kind people [Catie and Jen]have offered to find it where they live, and I am Extremely Grateful to them both, but I might be able to find it at yet another market, and besides, it comes in a jar so it's heavy-ish and would cost far more to ship than it would be worth. If I find it, I'll buy the massive jar so it'll last a long time.

After the Asian market I went to TJ Maxx and found the item I was specifically looking for there: EO Body Lotion in French Lavender. Got the last one--Score! From there I went to some thrift stores [got a fabulous old samsonite suitcase for $2 because I thought it would make great under-bed storage, and it would except it doesn't fit] and to Costco to get Esther a refill on her inhaler. I have to hand it to the Costco pharmacy people; they didn't even blink when I mentioned it's for my cat, though they Did spell her name wrong. Come ON--have you ever met anyone named Ester? I think not. While I waited for the refill, I got the chance to overhear some women talking about weight loss. It was awesome to observe because they were so serious and so into the conversation. A third woman, overhearing them, chimed in and said Suzanne Somers' book is really good, and they talked about that for awhile. I'm sure I've said this before, but weight loss is the new alchemy. People think if you combine just the right foods with just the perfect exercise, you will experience results so miraculous you won't be able to believe it. And of course this magical regime will be easy to follow and you'll hardly have to sweat at all. Please note I am not mocking people for wishing for this, because HELL I'd like to find the magical fat-be-gone cure as well, but I do not believe it exists. You can quote me on this.

So, that was pretty much my Friday. The rest of the day I sat around being lazy, and on Saturday I did laundry and changed the sheets and took Sharky to the library, and then Francisco took Sharky to his friend's house for an overnight birthday party. We frolicked a bit, since he wasn't home (Francisco vacuumed in the nude) and went to bed somewhat early so we could get up early on Sunday and go to breakfast before our favorite place filled up. We didn't get up in time and the place was full, but luckily there were two places at the counter, so we sat there. I had my favorite omelette: bacon, cream cheese, onions, and green peppers, with home fries on the side. Perfect! After breakfast we went to the flea market, where I took all those stunning pictures to which I referred you yesterday. Sharky was retrieved at 1:00-ish and I cleaned the bathroom and then made dinner. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you happen to own the New Joy of Cooking [terrific cookbook] and decide to make the sweet potato stew on page, uh, 428? I think? Look at the recipe and see how long you think you'll need to prepare it, and then add one hour. That stew is great but DAMN it takes a long time to make.

Songs of the Day:

In honor of my beloved friend, Julie "GOD I love Phil Collins!" Maxwell, we have a selection of Genesis songs at Jefitoblog. Enjoy, mi amiga.

The Raveonettes -- Ode to L.A., at Rock 'n' Roll Star.

LCD Soundsystem -- Too Much Love, at Veritas Lux Mea -- scroll to the bottom.

The latest funny thing in our house comes from Sharky's recent viewing of a horrible, really cringeworthy, old Chuck Norris film called The Octagon. I happened to be passing through the room while he was watching it and observed the film using the device of Chuck Norris's thoughts being voiced over, via a dramatic, breathy whispering Chuck Norris. That specific scene featured him escorting a woman into her house (while tension music played) stopping to look around, and then standing stock still while his whisper voice-over said SOMEBODY'S HERE. So now Francisco and I are doing the whisper voice, a la: HE SAYS HE'S NOT TIRED BUT HE'S GOING TO GO TO BED ANYWAY--that kind of thing. I got a big laugh out of Sharky last night after he farted, loudly, by whisper voicing SOMEBODY FARTED. Good times, good times.

And now, I go brush and floss, in preparation for the drilling and filling. Oy.

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