I stink


Francisco and I went out for sushi for lunch, and man oh man was it good. We had all our favorites--unagi, soft shell crab, yellow tail--and we tried the scallop....things (dammit, what's it called when the seafood sits on top of the rice humps? those). They were really good, and it made me think about the fishing boat our Scotland tour group went on. Did I tell y'all about that? I thought it was going to be boring, but it was a lot of fun. We went out into one of the sea lochs and dredged up a whole passel of things, including scallops, and Neil the fisherman opened a bunch of them up and we ate them raw. Like, he would open one and hold out the shell for us to pick the scallop out and eat it. They were delicious. I think I had three raw ones, and Neil also cooked some up with butter and garlic in the boat galley. Anyway, that was pretty amazing, eating scallops fresh from the sea, and I'd like to do it again very soon, please.

I really don't have any plans this weekend, yet, which is weird. I have a project to finish and pack for mailing, and I should also think about what costumes to make for our niece, the Princess Lou. Lou's mother has informed me that the dress-up collection is "down to a very tight pirate costume and a praying mantis mask". These are dire straits, people! Lou needs costumes, stat! So perhaps a trip to the fabric store is in order, hmm? I hope that will work out. The only concrete plan I have, other than finishing the aforementioned project, is for drinking a vodka martini with lemon twist tonight, when I get home. It sounds like just the thing.

Francisco has said two funny things that I've completely forgotten to mention. First of all, remember how my favorite American Olympic athlete was Toby Stevenson, because he wears that dorky helmet? When we first saw him in it, we were gaping at the television, and then Francisco said, "Geez! Is he wearing a condom too?" Francisco wins best family Olympic heckle, 2004. His other funny thing was from just this week when Boy was first using his new headset with the Playstation and was talking to his online teammates. We were sitting there, marvelling at the technology, and Francisco burst out with, "WE HAD PONG!" It's funny because it's true.

You know what's not great about having sushi at my favorite sushi place? I always smell like fried food, since they're doing tempura and stuff also. Pew, I stink.

Gotta run,


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