skipping through the penis patch


I had spam email this morning where the subject was Penis Patch. I didn't open it but I assume it's advertising a patch that hypothetically but not actually lengthens a man's penis. However, the visual image I got from reading 'Penis Patch' was like a pumpkin patch, except with penises, where people were traipsing around with baskets, stopping to harvest the occasional penis. "Oh, that's a big one. Mabel, look at this beauty!". And maybe there'd be U-Pick day at the penis patch, where you could get a bushel of penises for $20. I think this version of the Penis Patch is much better than the Real advertised product [which doesn't work anyway].

This morning I was thinking once again how much I hate the word 'workout', and I realized it's because 'workout' is just way too 80s. It makes me think of Jane Fonda (Jane Fonda's Workout) or Olivia Newton John in the 'Let's Get Physical' video. To me 'workout' is a self-obsessed word, used by stockbrokers, as in "Pork bellies are down again and my clients are breathing down my neck--I really need a good workout". I know it's a widely used word and that no one else seems to feel the same way about it as I do, but I just loathe it. Where did this word come from? It seems to me it was originally used by boxers, but I could be wrong.

Here's a couple pics of the ottoman. It is big, no?

Now the trick is to just not spill anything on it, because though we originally intended to get machine washable fabric, the dry clean only fabric appealed to us more.

I've spent a little time this afternoon looking at these real estate listings, daydreaming about different places we could live. Exotic places. Private islands. It's silly but strangely addictive to fantasize about other lives I could be living. In this particular life, I'll be going home soon and making grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner for me and Boy, while Francisco goes to the Tuesday shootenanny. It's a good life and I know I wouldn't necessarily be any happier in Fiji or wherever--it's just interesting to think about.


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