Death to the Noodle Pot!


Yesterday I was thinking about musical instruments I like, trying to determine if I had a favorite. What I figured out is though I really like the electric bass, the cello, the trumpet, the oboe, and the claviola (rare), my very favorite would have to be the police whistle. Because when the police whistle is featured in a song, it is inevitably one that has me shaking my groove thing, and I really love to shake that thing. Thank you, police whistle. Disco owes you a debt it can never repay.

Speaking of disco and police whistles, I think you should all go download los Vulcanos. I have recommended them to some of you, individually, but I think it's time to try and really spread the word. If you like to dance your ass off to Argentinian disco, the Vulcanos are for you, my friend. They are giving away three mp3s--how can you say no to such generosity? You can't, that's how.

One other musical thing: Yesterday on my drive to work I heard a cover of Stairway to Heaven that knocked me out. It was sung to the approximate tune of the B52s 'Rock Lobster', and after a small amount of internet research I discovered that this is an Australian B52s tribute band called Rock Lobster (this makes all the sense). The cover appeared on a whole album of covers of Stairway to Heaven, called (appropriately) 'Stairways to Heaven'. I am somewhat tempted to buy the album, but not tempted enough. I tell you, weird covers get me every time; I love them.

Last weekend was pretty low-key, as weekends have been lately. Francisco went to the big state shoot-em-up (not sure of the official name) in Boone on Saturday, so he was gone from about 6am to about 11pm. He came in second in the Expert Revolver class and got a plaque--he makes me so proud. Boy was invited to spend the night at his friend's and they picked him up around 3:30. I had the house to myself for hours! I love that. I didn't do a lot but I started Francisco's sweater--the joining into a tube without twisting stitches wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I have about 5 inches knitted so far; things are coming right along. On Sunday the only thing of note I did was a little shopping. I was trying to buy new shoes, but it didn't go well. First of all, I refuse to wear pointy-toed shoes, as I do not want to tempt the Bunion Gods into smoting me, and if you haven't noticed, most available shoes are pointy nowadays. I wanted to get some Danskos but couldn't seem to find a style I liked that fit well (went to two different stores), and I tried other shoes but to no avail. I really hate shoe shopping. I also got a skirt (wearing it today--grey tweed A-line with pintucks) and some size 7 and 9 double pointed needles for hats and socks. AND (get this) I bought a few small Christmas presents. I am going to be so ahead of the game this year.

Sunday night I found a whole new way to get Francisco's goat. I started watching a show on the WE channel (I have almost never watched this channel), called McLeod's Daughters, but what it should Really be called is Girl Ranch. It's about a couple of women who end up running a ranch in Australia after their father dies and after they find out the men ranchhands are stealing from them ("ya fiyud!"). They get the housekeeper and the housekeeper's daughter, plus the slutty grocery delivery girl, to also work on the ranch, see. Girl Ranch! I'm watching it a tiny bit for the whole Australia thing, but mostly because it makes Francisco roll his eyes, which is So Much Fun.

He's getting me back, though. Did I mention how at least a year ago he took all the rejected shampoo and conditioner in the house (the stuff I bought and did not like) and squeezed it all into one big bottle? Which he calls The Noodle Pot, in homage to a foul noodle, butter, and chipped beef concoction his father used to make? On Sunday night he said The Noodle Pot is getting low and he'll have to buy some shampoo to squeeze into it. I told him he could just buy some shampoo to use Without squeezing it into The Noodle Pot, but (correctly sensing that it would drive me crazy) he asserted he would rather squeeze it in. He further stated that he would in fact rather buy two different kinds of shampoo to squeeze in than use just one kind without squeezing it in. I told him our lives would be so close to perfect if he could give up that noodle pot, and doesn't he want to live the Pottery Barn existence, complete with unadulterated toiletries? He does not. The Girl Ranch vs The Noodle Pot war is ON.

Last Thursday I emailed my doctor to tell her I was running out of my Synthroid and ask her to have someone in her office call a new prescription in to my pharmacy. I thought that would be no problem, since we've done it that way several times, but apparently office policy is now that my pharmacy has to fax a request for the prescription before the doctor's office can call it in. My reaction to this was, WTF?? I have to go through my pharmacy? That makes no sense to me. I emailed her to be sure she understood what I needed, and she did, so I called my pharmacy and left a message on their prescription voice mail thingy. I called yesterday to ask if they'd gotten the call from my doctor's office, and they had not, because they only just faxed the doctor's office on Saturday (when the office isn't open; thanks very much). Apparently it takes two business days for my doctor's office to call in a prescription once they get a fax, so they're supposed to call today, but in the meantime I have no pills to take. I am feeling a little bit tired and also I'm feeling annoyed that there is more beaurocratic bullshit to go through just to get my damn Synthroid. If I'd known their prescription procedures had changed, I would've started the whole process earlier.

One other medical thing, is anyone else feeling a bit nervous about the Avian flu outbreaks in Asia? Avian flu seems a likely candidate for the pandemic that will eventually kill us all, and I have far too much I still want to accomplish in life; I do not want to die from Avian flu. I'm just saying.

Today at lunch I'm going for a walk on the trail around the nearby golf course, and it will be lovely. It's a 3 mile trail and the weather is so nice for walking today.

Just so you're aware, I am REALLY starting to get my shit together, lately. It's such a good thing.

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