Jealous Felines


Our neighbor's cat has recently become very friendly toward us, after months of eyeing us warily, from a distance. He's always coming up to us when we're outside, and he clearly wants to come in the house; something Esther and Lucy are discouraging with a lot of hissing and growling. They are jealous and they are angry. You should've seen the hate face Esther was wearing this morning when watching him from the living room window. Hoo-boy, if looks could kill.

I brought the brownie mix I bought this weekend to work today, plus the eggs and oil needed to mix it up with, but I didn't do that because it's only in the low 80s today--not nearly hot enough to bake brownies in the attic, I'm thinking. I assume it'll get hotter later this week, and we'll try the attic brownie experiment then.

Get this: Yesterday morning at 3:30-ish Esther coughed, and Francisco got up to pill her, but it was me who couldn't go back to sleep. I laid there until about 4:20, at which point I got up and did some stuff (quietly) until Francisco got up. Then we had coffee while watching West Wing, and then we went to breakfast. By 2:00 yesterday I was a total zombie, so I caved in and took a nap (I was resisting the nap), and that helped but I still did pretty much Nothing the whole rest of the day. Fortunately we'd done all our chores and shopping on Saturday, so being a zombie was okay.

This weekend we watched The Cooler and Jeffrey, from Netflix, as well as a couple movies Dennis recorded for us, Joy Ride (because of Steve Zahn) and A Knight's Tale (because of Alan Tudyk). It was a good ole fashioned movie-watching weekend; we don't get many of those usually.

One of the AtomicFriends just linked up to this site which gave me a severe case of the giggles for a couple of minutes. Once you've read the concept of the thing, click on "the cats" link in the top left part of the screen and see the concept in action. Because that is Funny.

I think I forgot to report last Thursday that I talked to my doctor about the low grade fevers I always have when I get my temperature taken. We discussed it for a couple of minutes and she thinks I'm having "inflammation" from my autoimmune thyroid thing. She didn't suggest a test or treatment for it, which is okay with me, because I'm pretty sure the only thing they treat this inflammation nonsense with is steroids, and no thank you on those. And if this fever thing gets me out of giving blood again, why would I want to get rid of it? I can't think of any reason.

So, I'm cashing in my banners right now, slowly and surely, and I'm enjoying it as an experiment of what banners draw the most viewers. The answer so far is none of my banners draw a lot of viewers. I think this is because I will not pretend to be a lesbian for the sake of enticing the mens. People, please. I'm 36 and too old to start living a lie.

I'm still tired from yesterday--can't think anymore.


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