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You know how I love visualization and have a whole world for myself that I visualize in my brain, including an office complex that runs all the body functions? If not, consider this your notification. Anyway, last night I decided I wanted to get up at 5:15 this morning, but instead of setting my alarm I decided to set an alarm in my brain for 5:15. I visualized the Alarm Room (created special for last night's experiment) and visualized setting the 5:15 a.m. alarm. I hoped it would work without really expecting it to, but it did! I opened my eyes this morning, rolled over to look at the clock, and it said 5:15. HOLY SHIT! I did this sort of fist of triumph but then laid in bed for ten more minutes instead of leaping straight up. I am still super elated at the brain alarm success and plan to use it from now on.

After finally getting up this morning I used the treadmill and the exercise made me feel Extremely Dynamic. That feeling has mostly worn off now (was 50% gone by 9 a.m., due to an 8:00 meeting that dragged), but it was fantastic while it lasted. Yet another side benefit of exercise. I made some lists this morning, which I realize don't Actually Accomplish anything, but they make me feel less anxious about the things that need doing, so for me they're worthwhile. I did something today at lunch that I can cross off, so that's good, but I also thought of two other things to add, so the net accomplishment at this point is -1. I'll just keep working through the lists and things will keep being accomplished and someday I will be caught up.

I'm worried today about Tommy the Rookie. He has a girlfriend in Oregon who he is very serious about, and in fact they were wearing what amounted to "promise" rings, but today he's not wearing his ring, and the weekend before last when he saw her she told him she didn't think they were working out, except a day later she retracted that statement. His ringless hand, combined with what happened the previous weekend, combined with him saying, "eh, okay" when asked how he is today makes me think there was a breakup. Tommy's such a nice guy, and I like him so much due to him being hilarious and kind and inventive and super fun, so I'm tentatively angry at this girl for maybe being stupid enough to break up with him and make him sad. I will commence being full-on angry at her if my suspicions are confirmed: Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute anger advisories.

I should probably have said this first today, but big thank you's to those of you who left kind and encouraging comments yesterday; they are very much appreciated. The Sharky mood last night was cordial and sometimes even a bit jovial, so I guess it's so far, so good, but we'll have to keep watching his grades (Francisco can access them online) to see if there's any Actual improvement. I will keep you posted. I just wrote a bunch about how downright Impossible it is to FORCE a 6 foot tall 16 year old to do anything he doesn't want to, but it was too long-winded so I deleted it. You are welcome.

Francisco finished the patio today, so now I can take After pictures. He had mostly finished it last week except he was a few stones short, but today he finished that last little bit. Yay! And he's making Singaporean chicken and rice for dinner tonight--yay! But he has to go to a reserve deputy meeting tonight--boo! I could probably think up several more yays or boos, but I don't want to be tiresome.

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