Bad Gut, chapter four


Good Newses:

Jen's visit was super super fun. However, despite all my pleading, she just flat-out refused to move here and live in our bread box. Some people are So Selfish. Anyhow, while she was here we talked and looked at pretty leaves and ate foods and saw crazy Halloween costumes and took pictures of windmills and went to Lou's bowling party. Then yesterday morning we sent Jen off with Francisco's mom, who was over here for Lou's party and who was going back to the west side at a good time for Jen to tag along, and that was it. It was Over. But it was great while it lasted and I'm very glad she came out here. I hope she had a fabulous time in Seattle yesterday, despite the weather pissing down rain the whole time and crazy foot-rubbing ladies telling lies about her liver.

This morning I saw my doctor again and we talked about my guts and he poked them again. He thinks the problem is my stomach; that I have either the beginnings of an ulcer, or gastritis. He wrote me a prescription for Prilosec, to be taken for 6 weeks, which he thinks will clear up the problem. He also ordered a blood test to rule out any pancreatic involvement, and I should have the results on that on Wednesday. If the Prilosec doesn't cure me, then it's on to the tube down the throat, I'm afraid. So I'm hoping the Prilosec is the magic bullet.

Something little that's making me happy is I posted this yarn on Ravelry, for sale or trade, and someone contacted me about it. We brokered a trade deal for 4 skeins of yarn she has, so tomorrow I shall mail her the wretched KidSeta, and it will be out of my life forever. Yay! Note to self: You do not like knitting cobwebs. No more buying yarn like that.

Francisco's finished with sleepaway police in two weeks! I can hardly wait to have him back home. We thought he would surely have to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas (zero seniority), but because he has to have a partner for the first 14 weeks after academy and the officers he will be partnered with have seniority, he gets both holidays off. We will be going to Francisco's mom's for Thanksgiving and to my parents' for Christmas. It's not that fun traveling through the snow, but we need to take advantage of this while we can; he will almost definitely have to work the holidays next year.

I finally manned up and spent an hour and 45 minutes last night pureeing all the tomatoes I harvested before the frost. I put them into our biggest pot and cooked them until a lot of the water was gone. The pot cooled overnight and I filled 4 big containers this morning and put them into the freezer. I have some cherry tomatoes I will roast in the oven tonight, for 3 hours at low heat, and that will be IT for the tomato glut. Next year we're going to try sun drying and also canning, so it will be a whole different deal.

Ick, it's dark. I'm going to wrap this up so I can trudge home and then drive to the pharmacy for my gut pills.




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